Top 5 Reasons why we feel tired during Christmas Season... So Just Relax and Take your TIME TO HEAL.

This is really the Season to be Jolly. 
But, what if you feel tired the whole season?

There are reasons why people feel tired during this kind of season. 

Here are some reasons why...

1. It is the time to be everybody to everybody. Why is this so? Well, this is the only time we have to be there for every loved one we have. This is a vacation where we are obliged to go to malls, shop till our wallet drops, and go to places we only go on special occasions like this ( once a year ).

2. Reunions, Special Gatherings, Night-outs and Parties. Well, this is the usual trend for all ages during this season.

3. Buy clothes and jewelry to flaunt at gatherings. This is also a tiring thing to do, especially for those celebrating Year-end and Office Parties.

4. Make sure that the family has food on the table. This is true, especially on the Eve of Christmas and New Year. The presence of food and eat-outs are important since all are in the home in this season of celebration.

5. Presents and Gifts. Of course, this is a must, especially for the children. This is the season with a reason to be happy, especially for the children.

Above are the most obvious during this Christmas Season, 

But for me, it is quite different thou.

I lost my mom on December 9, 2023. Then she stayed at home for a week for funeral visits. Then buried her on December 16, 2023. It was stressful and just had a 1 week to get over it and smile with my family.

Then another thing came, my daughter just went away and went to his boyfriend to stay there forever without even informing us. Did not even meet the guy. It is like a double blade struck at our hearts. 

Even during that Family reunion, a smile can be a heavy thing to project. My health went down the drain and I felt like I was torn into pieces.

But then, I believe that there is a brighter side to things. 

Yes. TAKING MY TIME TO HEAL is a good thing to do. 

Accepting what had happened and moving forward without those burdens is what I am seeing. 

Yes, it really is A Season to be Jolly and so, I LET GO of the things that do not bring me Joy.

Tired, well, there is always time to heal.

That time is every time one needs it.

Especially this time of year, when everybody is everyone for everyone.

May Time of Healing be with us all for the Whole Lifetime.



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