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Are you wandering if you can still enjoy journaling at this age? Yes, why not.  I have been journaling On and Off in years. That could only mean that I started journaling many times in my 52 years of existeence. I enjoyed it as I  explored many types of notebooks and journals. I guess, what I mean about On and Off with journaling is just being " Inconsistent ". Fear not of forgetting to write: It is not a big thing if you forget to wrute or journal. It is OK. No harm done. Even if your journal pages may have dates or numbers from 1 to 365. Writing things down or journaling can sometimes require a habit formation.  Just like me, I love writing but if times just get so busy, I seem to overlook that moment. I even skip days before I could touch my journal again.  Busy at work or in household chores, well, time to sit and write seem impossible to most of us  Journaling has its purpose: Knowing what it can do for you, I don't think you will ignore it. I saw how it helped me wi

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