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Turbulent Times During Change, A True Sign of Great Manifestation of Desire.

  What keeps us going when we are on the verge of " Change "? What can I say? Whenever we talk about " Change ", we all seem to wonder what will happen when we accept it. The Commitment: When we look at our lives and see that we are not going anywhere with it, we wonder why. Sometimes when a problem comes, we think about it and just say, " Well, if I had done it the other way, this could not have happened. " And yet, when an opportunity comes for us to have that " Change ", we scram. I know it is hard to look into the process of " Change " even if we want it or even need it. The more it will be hard for us to commit to it. So, let us look at it from another perspective. If we continue to do things the same way, then the results will probably be just the same. If we change it, then definitely there will be a different result too. Now, if we try to commit to it and then doubt the process, then all else will be in a hanging mode as well. C

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