I'm Ana Micaela P. Babao " mics ".

I am an "At Home Mom- Artist" who love Arts, Dance and All-New Things that Bring a Smile at Home.

"Being at Home is a Creative Lifestyle"

Can you imagine how "Infinite" the possibilities are ?

Family and Home ; Arts and Dance ; Write and Tell ; Learn and Enjoy ;

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What can I Share?

In the adventure of being at home and starting new projects, it is not easy but, exciting. You will need more knowledge in the things that you might want to do for the rest of your life, or even get to the point that for how many years...you already know What You Really Want in Life...and you seem to miss it.

Well, it is not too late. Even when starting at this age, you can start simple and then upgrade as you go. Study and learn as you go on to doing it for real.

Afraid of what others might say to you on this? Well, do not be. You can always start where you will not be teased and you will have privacy and all...That is At Home. This is your Domain. his is your Home-base. Start from there.

I know, trust me....I am here too in my Domain...hahaha.

So what are you waiting for, Start to be Creative in Everything that you do at home and do not be afraid to try. Start somewhere...you will get there.

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