10 Things you can do productively while being at home.

I know that being at home can be quite a challenge for most of us. A lot of us just do not know how to begin making it worthwhile. Begin with these 10 things list of the things you can do when you are at home. Household Chores : Regular routine in cleaning the house, doing the laundry, cooking the meals, throwing the garbage.  Gardening: This can be a good hobby too. If you have a space available for the plants to grow, well that is a good sign. You can use flower pots or plant them directly in the ground. You can choose between bushes, flowers, vegetables, and other ornamental plants. Pleasure Ideas: This would mean watching TV, playing online, reading books and magazines, listening to music, going into your cellphones... Art and Craft Hobby: Building a Hobby in Art is quite productive in a way. Learning how to draw, paint, do craft ideas like crocheting, candle making, recycling for projects, junk journaling, sewing for crafty ideas,... These are also quite similar to pleasurable i

Being at Home: A Challenge most of us have a hard time taking, even if we are already home-based.

     It  can be challenging for most of us, even for those who are already home-based.     Why do I say so?     Some Inevitable Reasons:      Many of us just could not stand staying at home. We all find means to really go out.       For most of us, it could be a reason for work. I know it is a legitimate reason. Most of us are working hard for our family, which is the reason behind work.          Even the "work "thing, others also find this as a reason to go out and explore their freedom from home and family.     Another reason is to go to our daily routine like buying food at the market or groceries at the malls. Maybe buy things that are needed at home too.     Others just go out with friends for small talk or socialization. Special events or just going to the park.     But, of course, here comes the children too. They go out to go to school.     For those who are used to really going out or have built their career for years, I know they also have a hard time staying at hom