I'm Ana Micaela P. Babao " mics "/ " tata ".

I am an "At Home Mom- Artist" who loves Arts, Dance, and all that make my day Productive at Home.

"Being at Home is a Creative Lifestyle"

Can you imagine how "Infinite" the possibilities are, even in my 50s?

Family and Home; Arts and Dance; Write and Tell; Learn and Enjoy;

Show and Share; At Home and Off-Site

What I have...

In this adventure of building "Productivity" at home, I am excited to share things that are more than just my work.

As a Dance Artist, I have been in the world of performance and stage presence. With my family, I learned to explore more than just possibilities. It does not stop there because I am an Enthusiast for Home Arts as well.

I love the idea of achieving things at home. because of this, my husband and I developed our careers as home-based as possible because we want to be there with our kids as they grow. Never miss the moment so that when they will have their own, we are ready to face it with a smile.

Because of this, I cherished the words of successful people in our lives that "Everything Begins at Home". Yes it does.

So now that I am in my 50s, I still love that thought that I can achieve more than just what I did. Adding up goals and learning new things is a daily inspiration.

Never stop learning, never stop doing, never stop achieving. In little things or just starting one, I do not want to think of it as a "never mind thought".

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