I'm Ana Micaela P. Babao " mics "/ " tata " is my nickname.

I love being Artistic & Creative... Exploring The Art in Everything.

Being at Home is how I like things to be.

"Being at Home is a Creative Lifestyle"

Being who I am is being Artistic in every way.

Can you imagine how "Infinite" the possibilities are, even in my 50s?

Being Artistic, Creative & Personal for

My Body, Movement, and Balance is

Being Me at Home

What I have...

The Artistic & Creative Approach to Life,

Personalized and Homebased Lifestyle.

Enjoying it when you know what it is and Exploring more Possibilities of making Life Worth Living.

As a Dance Artist, All the things I have learned, I now Enjoy on a Personal Level. Creating My Personal Program with all other Arts combined and tailored to Achieve Self Improvement, Happiness, and Productivity.

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