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Easy Money: Online or Traditional Business? Which is Better? Start at Home!

Online Business or Traditional Business?  Which do you Prefer? Can you Start at Home with it?     Traditional Business is like any other business that we usually find around us.       These are the Malls, Restaurants, Print shops, Beauty Salons, Bookstore, Merchandising Store, Food courts, Car Repair Shops, Services, Dance and Fitness Studios, Tourism and Beaches, Newspaper, Printing Press, and more.       These businesses are being built in physical locations and transacted in physical offices or stores.       People would go in these places to get services they need or buy something.       Transaction is mostly face-to-face or by Phone (Landline) and people to people  relationship is being built first hand.       Transactions around the world are also possible through Phone Lines, Faxes and Mails. Physical Travel is also an exciting perk to the person authorized to transact on behalf of the company.     How do the Traditional Business reach clients?     Advertising...TV!      Th

Today is Tuesday and I am Excited. New Internet Connection at Home, It's Home Fibr !

  I was really looking forward in this moment. A Stable Internet Connection. It is Fibr !          It has been more than a week now that we have a Home Fibr Internet Connection at Home . I was really looking forward in this moment so that I can boost my projects online. Now it is here !     It was on that Saturday morning that a man came up to the house and was just asking if we would like a Home Fibr Internet Connection. It's as easy as 1-2-3. No cash-out promotion and the speed is 100 MBPS. It is already unlimited and the installation charges are staggered for the next 3 years to pay.  There is a much lower speed being offered but we were eyeing for that greater deal which is 100 MBPS.     It is a big advantage and I am happy with it.     So, without any hesitation, we got the plan as planned . We were planning to have that when the right time comes to which we were not sure before because the cable connection is very expensive upfront.     That following Sunday morning, we were

My Home Blog: When Everything Else is Flawless, It's got to be a Blessing.

           Back For GOOD, Back for More. Flawless ! It is a Blessing.     When Circumstances just Flow in the Right Direction...     In our New Home, we stayed here for more than 5 years now and It was a great adventure. From the making of the house and until the transfer. Improving the home while staying in it was really a fun memory to remember.     It was a "GREEN" experience back then.       Why green?     Well it was because there were no houses except us and our neighbor Nene. Slowly, improvements came about and there were moments where we were just frustrated because there is no internet in our place. We were just using our mobile for our web enjoyment.      We had a chance to ask for a quotation on how much it will cost us to have a DSL connection but, it was very expensive. Then we had additional neighbors and they applied in one of the networks available. Well, it was a dish type of internet. We did not like it because, we were targeting on having a Fibr Connection.

Learning How to: Blog, Set up a Website, Sell Online, and Be Productive at Home is an Everyday Learning Process.

          Learning at Home. Blogging, Selling Online and Building a Website.     For us Moms that are not really used to be online most of the time, unless it is Social Media, talking about really going into business or learning again, well, this is a hard thing. But, this should not be the case. The learning process should be smooth and transitional. Understanding that everyday is a learning day and it is all good.     How do we Blog?     A lot of us mommies staying at home do not find it easy to just blog. Posting new insights and opinions, journals and educational inputs can sometimes be hectic. It is by the way time consuming for most of us.      Being a mommy at home and finding time to go into some adventure online is quite a hard start. Sometimes when we think of it as a career so that we could earn money out of blogging or just even posting journals, we find it unreasonable. I admit, it takes a lot of investment.     It took a lot from me when I started. I thought that it would

Beginner Blogger: I Need CLARITY. Stop, Wait, Reflect and then Restructure Plans.

           No Shame in Stopping for a while. I just needed CLARITY.      In the past few weeks, I made a decision to just stay put for a while and see what will happen. A lot of things came into my mind since April 2021.     It was just the right time to "Stop" for a moment. It was April Fools and by that 2nd of April, I turned 50 years old. Then that was also the "Holy Week" celebration at the same time. It was just right to step back.     I needed to take time to wait for a while, to see where my "Blogging" would go. I needed to see If I posted the right "Niche" as the others are saying. A lot of opportunities came my way and just then, I thought I need to clear things up before going forward.      "Clarity" is my word until today.     Why "Clarity" ?      "Well, it would be useless to put more effort into something that has no clear path toward a goal".      Before I started this project, I had clear goals. I n

Blogging vs Posting, which is the right term to use when I am doing it as a career?

    BLOGGING or POSTING, which word to use and when.          I was wondering about a lot of things lately. It is a normal thing for me to ask myself a lot of questions during my "Time out" day. It is like a "Reflection time" or a "Recollection time". It helps me gain more knowledge and clarity in the things that I do. Stepping back a little when I am stressed is like a quick fix on relieving myself on the tension and relaxing my mind to re-focus, but this is deeper than that.     In my previous posts regarding "Blog vs Post" and forgetting to look into the "Follower" button, I realized that I may have missed a lot of things and misconceptions may harm my learning in this endeavor in the long run.     So I decided to look further.     Now what I want to know is if it is proper to use the word "blogging" if I say, " I am blogging every day"?     I always see this in posts and personal updates. I was wondering if

Blogging without Followers for more than 3 months

      When I started a blog, I never thought that I would miss this. Well, it is not that I did not see it in the layout when I explored my theme. I saw it but I thought that that was not it.      I thought that the subscriber button was just the same as the following. I thought that is the subscriber button is already there, as soon as the reader will subscribe, they will automatically be a follower.      It was not until I had this newsletter thing. I was just curious about how everything goes when they subscribe.      But you know what, it was not so clear until I received that my subscriber button will soon not function. I needed a newsletter to get email subscribers.      So that is where it realized that the follower button is different from the subscriber button. That was why I did not have a single follower, hahaha.      It was not only that, but it was also the fact that I have not used that follower button because I do not want readers to know I am new and I do not have follo