Turbulent Times During Change, A True Sign of Great Manifestation of Desire.

 What keeps us going when we are on the verge of " Change "?

What can I say?

Whenever we talk about " Change ", we all seem to wonder what will happen when we accept it.

The Commitment:
When we look at our lives and see that we are not going anywhere with it, we wonder why. Sometimes when a problem comes, we think about it and just say, " Well, if I had done it the other way, this could not have happened. "
And yet, when an opportunity comes for us to have that " Change ", we scram.
I know it is hard to look into the process of " Change " even if we want it or even need it. The more it will be hard for us to commit to it.
So, let us look at it from another perspective.
If we continue to do things the same way, then the results will probably be just the same. If we change it, then definitely there will be a different result too.
Now, if we try to commit to it and then doubt the process, then all else will be in a hanging mode as well.
Committing to the Process of Change is a tough decision to make. But, if this persists, it will definitely be just worth the try.
So, if there is something you want to change, just take a deep breath and then think of it well. This is going to be a bumpy ride toward success.

The Beginning: " Great Expectations "
The beginning of " Change " is a big preparation after The Commitment stage. You will be faced with the thought of Great Expectations. You will be expecting a lot of things. These things will help you look forward to your goals or just be a point of going back.

What do you expect during this process?

First, you will expect a fast and outright result of this change. Well, it will not happen, sorry. It is not that easy to just turn things around for you. It would mean the Universe to make things work with Change, if you may.
It is simple, a lot of factors need a little spin and turn to get that result you want.
But first, you will have to MOVE. If you do not take that first step and initiate the process by doing it, manifesting it all will be impossible.
Commitment and First Step Action are needed to start the ball rolling.

First Step Action: " The Ball will begin Rolling "

And so it begins!
You, taking that first step, will be like, a " Reborn ". It is the most unforgettable move on the verge of your adventure.

What move will that be? Wondering about where to start or how to begin this first move?
If that were me, I would start with my breath. I will be breathing the life of the " Change " that I want.

It is important to breathe through the feeling of it. Feeling it inside you like All seem to be already CHANGED, is the best first step ever. Why? It is when you feel it is done.

The first step.

Then the ball begins to roll.

The Turbulent Path: " The Shake-up "
This is it. The process itself will be taking off like an airplane. Smooth ride at heights and pressure of a different kind. Not like the normal thing you experience. It is like shaking up a room and looking at what is there to clean up, retain, or throw away. Deciding if these things are still in good shape or if are they still useful to me.

This is a part of the manifestation process and this will make the foundation stronger. The shake that is needed to let the other things fall out to have more clarity in the path. When in this part of the process, for sure ALL IS PRESENT. THIS IS A GREAT SIGN OF TOTAL MANIFESTATION.


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