Begin your Journaling Adventure Now.

Are you wandering if you can still enjoy journaling at this age? Yes, why not. 

I have been journaling On and Off in years. That could only mean that I started journaling many times in my 52 years of existeence. I enjoyed it as I  explored many types of notebooks and journals. I guess, what I mean about On and Off with journaling is just being " Inconsistent ".

Fear not of forgetting to write:
It is not a big thing if you forget to wrute or journal. It is OK. No harm done. Even if your journal pages may have dates or numbers from 1 to 365.
Writing things down or journaling can sometimes require a habit formation. 
Just like me, I love writing but if times just get so busy, I seem to overlook that moment. I even skip days before I could touch my journal again. 
Busy at work or in household chores, well, time to sit and write seem impossible to most of us 

Journaling has its purpose:
Knowing what it can do for you, I don't think you will ignore it.
I saw how it helped me with many things. Journaling became more than just a Personal Hobby to me. 
I can allways have one or more than five journals or notebooks at the same time. 

I started with just one notebook but the habit of writing is all around the place:
I thought that if I could spare one notebook, that would be it. Well, It was not just that, but it was a good start to keep it all in one place first.
I say I have been blind not to see I have been doing it all along. Writing my name with style, jotting down notes, scratch paper for research, doodling or drawing at the back of my assignment notebook, making memo pads to stick at pages for teminders...well, that is the idea actually. 
Starting with one notebook gave me a chance to write anything I want in one place and not just anywhere else. The notebook became my companion all the way. Call it a Diary, Art Journal, Motivational, Planner, Project Journal, and what ever, but, I call it My All-in-one Journal.

SPARE ME THE DETAILS, It is a good Hobby any one at any age can enjoy doing. It is a fact 

Why not try it, you might like it:
I know it is hard  to think of starting one and sometimes be a burden for additional expense to buy a nice journal and a pen just to make it work like pro, but, it does not have to be like that.
You may start with a simple notebook like a school composition notebook. A ballpen that writes is a nice pen allright. Then you may start from there. Or, if you have patience in convering old notebook pages and bind them with thread on its spring holes. A number of scratch papers ( one side with writing and the other is blank ) can also be nice with a fastener and a folder. DESIGNING IT WITH STYLE makes it more Personal in a way. So you see, you can start with less expense or nothing at all. All you have to do is look around uou at home and get creative with it.

Where is the fun it it anyway:
It is all in the journey of journaling about you and everything you do and enjoy doing. The adventure of making it happen with style.

Waiting 'till when?
Start Now.

There is more into it for you to enjoy Journaling. This is just the beginning. There can be no right time or age, it has only the NOW.

WHAT THEN when you start one now?
What is next for you?

Well, with those questions, you need to find it out personally. You have to experience it to enjoy it and to know where to go from there. You will be in the verge of having the need to learn new things of the how and the what but you will eventually explore it with style.

I say,

Never underestimate the power of Writing on a paper, especially if it is on a Personal level. 
Start at Home with Journaling. It is the best place to get loose with yourself.

Ana Micaela B.


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