Being at Home: A Challenge most of us have a hard time taking, even if we are already home-based.

    It can be challenging for most of us, even for those who are already home-based.

    Why do I say so?

    Some Inevitable Reasons:

    Many of us just could not stand staying at home. We all find means to really go out. 

    For most of us, it could be a reason for work. I know it is a legitimate reason. Most of us are working hard for our family, which is the reason behind work.    

    Even the "work "thing, others also find this as a reason to go out and explore their freedom from home and family.

    Another reason is to go to our daily routine like buying food at the market or groceries at the malls. Maybe buy things that are needed at home too.

    Others just go out with friends for small talk or socialization. Special events or just going to the park.

    But, of course, here comes the children too. They go out to go to school.

    For those who are used to really going out or have built their career for years, I know they also have a hard time staying at home.

    Having "family time "is not included in this situation since it does not happen daily.

    Those are just some of the things people do when they are not at home. Some reasons for most of us just go out of the house. 

    It is an inevitable situation. Even if one might want to just stay at home, it is not possible in these situations.

    But, Remember the Time when...

    ... an inevitable situation caught us all by surprise. The world had a turnaround because of a pandemic that happened that year 2020. Then followed by lockdowns and establishments closing. Everybody just has to stay indoors. 

    But for some establishments that just could not close, work-from-home arrangements and online studies came onto the scene. Deliveries for food and goods were also another option to stay indoors yet still have the option to acquire things for the home.  

    This worldly event made us all realize the importance of staying at home with the family. A lot of people died during those times and family became the center of everybody's concern. 

    A lot of us decided on the idea of being home-based in most affairs for the family. Just to be safe and ready if things like such happen again. Seeing the comfort and the discomfort of this setup is also inevitable.

    For most of us, home-based then became a perfect idea that can be called a permanent state for everybody's sake.

    And so others stick to...

    ... it and made it as flexible as possible. Most of us just got to see that being at home is not a bad idea. Well, it is not actually. It became a big challenge to those who are not used to it. To most of us, it became an eye-opener, seeing that being at home also gives us many opportunities for productivity. Even now in 2023 and moving forward, a lot of people stick to being at home and build their lives around that idea. Building businesses through the web and using digital means to communicate even abroad became easier and acceptable to most of us.

    With Creativity and Innovation...     

    ... every single one of us has that equal opportunity to explore and achieve even when at home. Building our lives at home is a " Perfect Idea "actually. Just like any other career, you just have to learn how to do it. The tools of the trade are already there in the home. Others managed actually. Starting to build your dreams and ideas while at home is even tagged with comfort and flexibility. At least if you tend to go out of the house for some reason, maybe it would be more for fun rather than for hard rigid work.

    I remember when I was in grade school, my teacher in home economics told me that if I could do something at home, I could expand it outside my home. My dance teacher, my grandma, and my godmother... said the same thing to me too. They also told me that It is good to start at home. Well, there is no reason why I could not possibly believe them because they also did start their way at home and expanded. They did succeed. Big time.

    Just as what happened to us all, the event gave us a reminder about that opportunity that can be productive as well.

    Those who really have no big reason to go out of the house should be staying at home because they are in charge of it, well, do not think that being at home is that boring. It is not. It is challenging actually. Maybe you are at home most of the time because of a reason. Yet, it is a good idea to start having a "Personal Career "for yourself improvement that could only cost you a cellphone and data which a lot of us can afford these days.

    There is no reason to panic, there are more means for you to be creative, productive, and innovative.

    For those who want to be at home or are just afraid to explore possibilities at home, do not let fear set in. Start having time for yourself first even for an hour a day. This is a good start to be productive. Besides, how can you give or share something, even help somebody if you have not done it personally?

    And so this will be your Challenge then...

    If you are a housewife, well, you just need to manage your time well. A 1 hour of creativity will not bother you much. Since you are at home, all the things you will need for your projects will be there next to you. No need to spend much, just your time, cellphone ad data, or maybe if you have books to start with, that will be the best idea.

    If you decide to be home-based for productivity and work rather than going out for work, well that same option of 1 hour a day of creativity is good. Looking for means to earn at home and be productive can also be a pair to both creative projects and selling or so.

    For those who have skills that can be a good idea to build a profitable business while at home, well that is a good thing to explore. It is also great if your skills are creative in nature. Your home will be beautiful too.

    For others who just do not have creative skills but would want to learn them, well, this is also a good start.

    The Web is a good...

    ... place to learn new things, get viable information, research, and even establish a business online while at home.

    Famous platforms on the web offer good opportunities for all of us to start anything from learning to business or even on a personal level. 

    A lot of us are using this web to communicate with our loved ones and gain friends. Well, this can't be denied because everybody does this. Just do not stick to what is usual, explore other means. 

    The web is also a place to build a website for others to see what we have achieved and what we are up to. Social media platforms for sharing information like blogs and vlogs.

    So you see, it is not that boring. All you need is an internet connection and a personal computer or simply use your Android phone with data. Everybody does this. 

    But why is it that if everybody does this, they stick to one place on the web? They do not explore possibilities for productivity? Most people do this. Well, maybe they just have no reason to do so, they just want to communicate there.

    Even without the Internet...

    ... basic things can be creative as well. Have you ever heard of creativity in junk journaling? recycling? reading? gardening? cooking? selling simple basic goods for your neighbors? Selling your services of some sort while at home? Well, these are just simple means of being creative and innovative to achieve productivity at home. These are basics.

    I know others still find it hard to...

    ... be achieving something while at home, especially when we talk about Personal Productivity. It is ok. We all have the freedom to explore which way to go. It is not a requirement to stay at home but, it is also a part of life to do so. Our family. Our Home. We all need to be witnesses to our growth and achievements. Building memories with family members is important. Just do not forget that.

    I know how hard it is to really stay home, for some reason. But just find one to stay home for some of your time in a day or two. This is the reason why weekends are set to "No Work "days so that we can have that time for these purposes. Even in this situation, others still tend to work to make ends meet.

    But for those who want to explore being at home but do not know how to, that determination to want it is the first step. I know you can find ways since working is only from Monday to Friday and weekends are a good start.

    So why encourage yourself to find time...

    ... to stay home and be creative. Do you not find it amusing to explore things at home? Challenges are there of course just like being at work. If finding time to be with your personal projects or your " ME " time, well you can always find an hour or two. Trust me, it will be worth it.

    Do not be afraid to invest in yourself as a start. I know it is a big challenge, but this will make your life exciting.

    After all these things that I have shared with you...

    Why being at home is still a CHALLENGE most of us have a hard time taking...

    We adjusted for a while when we had that inevitable event the world could not prevent. So why not try starting with a minimal time of an hour for a change. 

    This is only the beginning. Time is on your side if you want to. Do not waste it. Start within yourself. Just an hour for yourself first then the rest will follow. You'll see, life can be great being at home.


    My Personal Message:

    Having this new blog is also exploring things to improve a part of me at home even at the age of 52.

    I would love to share my experiences, lessons learned and knowledge acquired over years of my existence. 

    As an Artist in Creative Art, Dance & Performing Arts as well as my Passion for Creative Expressions, I found out that being home-based is a great idea after all. 

    I still find it so exciting to explore these things at home now, especially on a Personal Level.

    I hope to help you all in any way I can here for you to find your own way in this experience. 

    As a start, I will be posting on Monday's at 12:15 a.m. Philippine Standard Time. I will be announcing if I will be adding more posts in a week.

    Feel free to post any comment down below so that I may know what you have in mind too. 

    Thanks for taking the time to read. Have a nice day.


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  2. Good afternoon po mama,
    Na check ko website mo,

    My comment is gawa ka po ng motivational (shorts, tiktok and FB) videos kahit 15-30 seconds lang,
    parang kasing motivation speaker ikaw sa website mopo yun lang marami na kasi gusto manuod ng video kaysasa reading po,.

    Kaya video ang na sabi ko para after mo mag salita sa video dun mo e singit ang short script na ma convince mo sila na e click ang link sa video description mo or link sa BIO page mo papunta sa website mo.. hehe,
    di pa kasi tayo sikat kaya pabagaay sa ta ug face sa social media upang makilala tayo ng mabilis at ma appreciate nila ang ating ginagawa hehe

    Use the 3 social media platforms po (Youtube, Tiktok and FB reels) it helps po talaga,


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