Write Life

" Writing is a part of Life "

Writing has been a part of our lives since we were all young. It cannot be denied because that is where a pen and a paper become leisure or playtime for kids.

I remember the time when all I can think of is just to write and write on a piece of paper. I did not even understand what I have just written but, it is just a scribble after all.

My mom use to give me a pen and a paper to write on to keep me busy while she is working on something else.

I do that to my kids too.

But, as I grew older I noticed that some of us or not most of us are not fond of it anymore. I noticed it in my kids especially now that technology is pretty much in the era.

I became so disappointed because I did not see the point why one forgets the habit of writing and just swipe and tap on the gadget.

I know and I also admit that I also experienced being so "Tappy" in my gadgets to just input my thoughts in a note app instead of writing it down.

Then the time came when I realized that " Writing " itself does not mean one just inputs his thoughts on the computer and then uploads it on the web as a Blog or creating an E-book with it.

Writing still comes from the method of really writing things down using pen and paper. Then if the idea is set and being checked out...then it can be decided how this writing can be repurposed to another.

I had a hard time adjusting again going back to writing things down on paper. My hands were not used to it anymore and so is my art...it was affected too.

I now know that writing can never and should never be forgotten. It should not be ignored because in real life, without technology...Writing is one good way to send a precise message to anyone anywhere.

This is why, when I started back in doing so, I tailored a means to make my writing and jotting down notes more creative and easier for me. I get bored easily...but not now.

The means of writing does not stop with writing a letter or an idea. It does not mean only writing a story. It means more than that...It is Relaying a Message straight from the Heart.

Writing is similar to Journaling thoughts and plans, adventures and achievements, poems, and daily diary to some.

Creating My Own way of Writing things down makes it more Creative and Exciting.

It is Good.

Welcome to the World of Writing ( for yourself first )