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My Movement, Dance and Workout at Home

    For more or less 5 years passed, I have not gone into dancing. We got busy with a lot of things that needed our primary attention. 

    So, the Challenge here is... I am 50 yrs. old just this April 2021 and I intend to Dance again, Move again, Achieve again. No Problem, I did it before, I can do it again...and better this time.

    Teaching is not a problem. It is a Passion.

    I know that knowledge is not lost, just that the body is being challenged now.
This year will mark my calendar of getting back into the things that matter to me. Even at my age right now, I am very much interested in how I can be able to get this done. The challenge that most of us as Moms is now put to test.

I will be uploading Dance Tutorials in Ballet for Kids and Creatives for Adults, a Special program for moms like me especially. I know that there are moms out there who are happy to know that they can learn Ballet and Creative Movement at home.

Why Ballet?

Well, to start everything smoothly, Ballet can be a good stepping stone to rev up one's body to move. I am speaking mostly to women like me.

Why Creative Movement?

It is a means of achieving a good and flexible program for oneself. Knowledge-based approach.

I have encountered this through the years of my dancing life. Many women approached me for Private Tutorials. They are aloof to learn what they thought they missed. They do not want to learn it with the other people around that is why they requested a private lesson from me. 

It is not just for the Art of dancing Ballet but, It is how they were able to do it and achieve their body goals as well. Personally speaking, I really liked those moments. It made me think that I could never grow old in dance.

I thought I could never do that anymore since I will be online most of the time and I am now 50 years old. As time has changed since last year, it gave me an idea of granting every lady who wishes the same as the others did, even though we have not really met. 

No need to wait since this will be available online soon. Deeper than what the general program can deliver will be something of different access later. What is important is that you can access all the basics that you need to know and start learning them all from my videos in your own pacing.

Tailored for Home Learning, I believe that anyone can follow it easily...especially Mommy/Ladies like me.

    Come join me in this journey of Getting Back into Dance.

If I can do it, I know you can begin yours as well.


Ana Micaela B.

My students call me "Teacher Ana"



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