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Welcome to My World of Creative Art at Home!

Self Expression on Being at Home. Developing My Creativity through Visual Arts.

    My Creative Art is inspired by creating my own impressions of a certain art form. It is like having my own opinion on a certain topic like a blog. It is creative in a way because there are no strict rules to compel. But, never the less, the basic foundation of Art is still there. 

    The foundation of an art form can never be lost. It is a stepping stone toward creativity. There may be slight changes or modifications, but it is all the same.

    Starting with a warm-up and basic shapes. 

    Strokes are pretty much needed. 

    The shading from light to dark in different gradient approaches. 

    The rough and smooth texture is also observed especially in other mediums used. 

    The lines and slopes.

    Even the proper way to hold a pencil is very important.

    And much more as we go along...

    So you see, the impressions that I am mostly creating need practice and exploration. It needs to enhance one's imagination. The brain function and expression are being challenged. Talking about getting that artistry out in the open, well this is one way of doing it.

    In the tutorials that I will be posting, in both written and video presentations, I will tackle first how one should begin the adventure. 

    Do not be afraid or even be ashamed to start exploring possibilities in art because you might have forgotten that you are At Home. There is no way you will be judged by how well you are doing.  

    Remember that this is Creative and Expressive. It is uniquely yours. 

    I am just here to guide you and teach you the basics that you will be needing. I am also here to help you explore the projects I will be creating for you to participate in.

    So, just hang on there. It will all be up soon.

    Check on My Project Page (soon to be published. You will be redirected to my Project Line-up page on that you will also find means of how to organize your day and your home corner. Prepare everything to achieve at least the basic 3 skills to learn for your self-improvement. 

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Mics'Art : Do-Art ( My first simple random stroke of My Name


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