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Ana Micaela Babao

    I am a mom of 7 kids and going on 50. Married to an Artist like me, Elvin. I grew up exposed to Arts and so is my hubby. When we met, we enjoyed the world of dance. More About Me

I am into ballet, art, and speech delivery. Exploring more of it I came to the point that loving one thing over another is not a good option for me. So I made a choice to learn new things and enjoy them as well.

In dance, I got into contemporary, modern, hip-hop, jazz, tap, oriental fission, and ballroom with my husband. It is more exciting if it is varied in a way.

    I have been in the dance world since I was 5 yrs. old. I started learning Hawaiian Dance. Hula and Tahitian was such a contrast but at the same time very interesting to me then.

    Then I went to a Ballet School. It was the most known Ballet School in our city at that time. I was trained with a promising scholarship from the Dance Teacher/Owner herself. And yes, it happened after a year. And so on.

    As much as I would like to tell my whole story, I would like to reserve it for my special blogs later.

    Being a dancer my whole life through, I also was exposed to different arts and excelled in two more...Art of Speech Delivery and Art. I am glad my mom gave me this opportunity.

    Performing and Teaching, Choreography and Workshops. These are the things that make my day complete. 

    So, now I have a family and we are all in a similar line of hobby list, we have this big place we call our home. My husband and I share the same dream and so we sought to it that we can be comfortable in our own house. No need to go someplace else just to do what we want. All is in it and the Master's Bedroom is the Main Home Studio itself. 

In Art, I love sketching and still life drawing. I also realized more


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