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My Journey

  Achieving things at home can be challenging. I believe that most of us do not have any idea where to start. 

It is by the way " A Journey " too.

I call it " Home Learning "

So come and Let's Learn!

I believe that Productivity Begins at Home. There is no other way than this. One may think that they will become more productive when they are out of the house working. Well, I have nothing against this. Actually, I thought so too.

But I always remember My Home Economics Teacher telling me that " Everything Begins at Home " And not only she who told me that. My Godmother and My Grandmother told me that too. 

My Godmother actually proved it and so she owns this big school in our city. My Ballet Teacher too told me that and so she also does have her own school since I was 6 years old as I started with her. Well, My Grandma did not have a big school but she also told me the same thing. It is because she believes in " Family First ". Her principle is to give importance to the family through actual presence while growing through the years. It is building a Mystical Bond between parents and children.

So you see, I cannot beat that statement. They have proven it.

Now, I also do it together with my husband. It is good to say, we have the same dream and It Is All Good.

It is not that working outside of the home is bad. 

It is not. 

It is just the idea of building everything starting at home. Most of us forget that we begin our first steps as toddlers when we are at home with our parents. Most of us retire from work and do most things at home later. 

So, why not try doing everything at home and then expand and explore the possibilities of spreading it out to the world. 

Others do that. Well, just a few maybe.

It looks the same as the idea that one will still go out of the house sooner or later but it is not the same. The Starting Point of Learning and Building something should begin at home.

There are many options nowadays on how to get your word out from home. The internet is available to all with android phones and computers.  Most of us even spend most of our time on social media sites. Well, that is already the idea.


If you cannot do it at home, it will be impossible to do it out there for long. One might but, it will not last long. One will still look for retirement from working outside and find means to do it all at home and wish to continue earning and learning as well. Who would not want that comfort? 

It is A Choice you see!

But, mostly, others see the statement: " I Have No Choice ".

I have no choice but to work outside because we need money. 

Yes, that is the idea too. Just start the point at home and not the other way around. You will tend to miss a lot of memories at home and with your family. Starting at home will build a strong foundation especially when a time may come that work outside the home may not be available for so long.

I know that last year was a big thing for a lot of people around the world that we were all forced to stay at home. Even kids' schooling is also at home. This is just one of the instances I am talking about. Another could be Job Loss. 

So you see, this is Inevitable.

But, there is always a solution and it is just below our noses.


This is the reason why I am into these online things. A way of getting my thing out by using the web.

I cannot be face to face like I use to even if I do my tutorials at home. Now I will do this online and it is better actually. 

I can reach the unreachable...hahaha.

So, I also am going to share what skills I have to help others like me who want to learn something new when at home. From the materials I will be making tailored for home learning, I know that I can make this work for you.

I am mostly talking to women on there. Moms like me. Ladies of the House too. I know you might be hesitant in some things especially when we are at this age and we have not even tried it even once. But, no need to fear because you will be learning at your own pace and you are also at home, remember? Nobody can see you...hahaha.

So hop on," Let's Learn ".

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