A YouTube Channel of My Own

my channel is all about Achieving productivity at Home.

Productivity first helps develop you as a person.

  • Developing the skill of organizing things and thoughts.

  • Learning how to monitor oneself for reference purposes.

  • Using the Calendar, Journaling the Moments, and PLans through the use of " pen and paper ".

  • Enjoying the benefits of being " Hands-on " in most of the things you want to achieve.

  • Learning new things that will enhance and develop your personality to a more Productive State.

  • Developing or enhancing skills chosen to develop. Focusing My Channel on "My Visual Arts" as a tool and Artistic Skill to enhance, will be the means to give this skillset of mine a chance to grow and shine Creatively.

My First releases are understandable, It is my first time creating a video to deliver a message in 3 languages. These videos are just introductory videos to simple topics. They will serve as part of My History in the making.

As I grow with this platform, my knowledge also grows with it. Now that is Productivity itself too.

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A Simple Intro of what My Productivity at Home Channel is about...( A Takeoff Video )