Making My Day

at Home

These Activities help me start my day right. Getting up in the morning and sleeping well at night knowing that THERE IS SOMETHING FOR ME THE NEXT MORNING THAT WILL MAKE ME SMILE.

The Balance of Artistic and Creative Lifestyle


Dance is a part of Me. It helps me in everything that I do. Making it Artistic, Creative, Flexible, and Adaptable helps me in my other Personal Needs as well.

Moving around, exercising, and keeping healthy. My body deserves it.

From developing skills in dance, making a career out of it, to customizing it for my personal has become my bloodline.

Space is not a problem, but it can be an advantage.

Making use of such space to my advantage no matter what the area long as it is At Home.

Writing is one way of putting my experiences unto paper. Great Ideas and Knowledge to share. With Paper and Pen, Writing with Artistic Value is like making a personal book.

Making a Journal of things is a good project.

Maybe a Good Collection of books Personally made will be a good project at home.

Visual Art is another good Creative outlet. It can challenge my imagination and make me even more creative.

It helps me relieve stress and gives me brain activity through exploration and expression in drawing.

It gives the right mood toward a perfect approach to creativeness in the Art of Life itself.

Now, I am into a Freestyle adventure with Art. Creating Artworks that mean something and are of value.

My Journal

Making documentation of things that I want to keep, thoughts that I want to put into writing, and Inspiring moments that make my day just right.

Getting into Projects and Learning New Things. Personally making and creating something for my needs and personal gains. Starting with utilizing the skills that I have.

Activities to keep you Creative and Going. These are the first things you need to start your journey toward the goals you set for yourself at home.... the rest will be set along the way.

Before anything else, be updated with my fresh Daily Inputs in My Twitter