A Productivity Workshop

" One Drop Creates a Ripple Effect in the Whole Pond "

" Time is the Most Precious Possession one can have in the Whole Universe "

" A Single Idea can Change the Whole Thing that is "

Being Productive is the most sought out topic in the world right now.

This is mostly about money and earning capabilities. This is practiced in offices or establishments. The training and the management seminars are mostly offered to team leaders to help them motivate their team and staff to produce more results. The rules and regulations to discipline and make sure that proper procedures are being implemented....and a lot more.

In times like these that most of the employees are on a WFH ( work from home ) mode, these employees need to manage themselves at home to be able to produce good results for the company. This is a part of " Integrity " that is being imposed in some companies.

But, the " Productivity " that I am talking about does not only cover this economic region in life.

I mean, the coverage is wider and opportunities are also " Infinite ".

So how can one manage oneself when it covers the whole of a lot of things rather than just work?

Well, this is where some of the people realized that this can help those who are working in the home sector as well. Because they are working from home instead of in the office, the method on being productive will quite have a twist.

It is also the same with those who are home-based, when they look for economic improvement, they will have to have a little twist in their productivity as well.

This is called " Balance in Life ".

" Productivity is a Philosophy of Life " and Balance is needed.

Productivity now becomes " Personal " in a way.

So, the question also goes to those who would like to start being productive at home and improve their well being.

" How to Begin?"

" Where to start?"

" Where am I now?"

" Who am I?"

This is where My Workshop comes in.

I, in my 50 years of living a life that is mine, am willing to share what I can to help others achieve theirs.

I have been doing Interactive Workshops with Special Populations before, and now I wish to expand this in the web.

Since I am quite new in this online venture, I can start from the very basic approach in applying this project and then improve along the way.

I may not be an expert in being online but, I accept innovation. This is a part of being productive....Learning Never Stops. It is a daily thing.

by: ana micaela babao* mics *