A YouTube Channel of My Own

I am also very excited about this since a lot of people are into this for a long time. I have my favorites and I enjoyed watching them...learning from them.

I know it can be easy as 1 2 3 to some but, for me, It can be challenging. I know that I have been doing "LIVE" teaching and workshops in my life for a long time but, some means are just not so "COMFY". hahaha.

But, Worth Learning!

my channel is all about productivity at Home as Dance Artist and Mom. upload "Playlists" of different things that I want to share.The "HOW TO" on how to develop habits and organizational skills.

Learning new skills in Dance at home that will help you as a starter or refresh yourself and improve.

It is also on the things that are of My Specialties of course. Basics in every way so that Beginners will have the chance to start from the beginning. Sharing things for starters, I believe will help those who have not started in any way yet.

To those who do not have any idea yet of building productivity at home, It will take a whole lot of you because it has limitless opportunities.

I will share Productivity Tools that make the process more Creative and Efficient as well.

In the more Interactive State of "How To" like a Workshop or a Class Activity, I will be separating it in another way...and this will be in a "Workshop" Level.


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