My Projects

My Projects at home that help me keep going forward.

It is very important to CREATE PROJECTS to make sure that I have an Active Mind to keep Myself Creative Every day. It brings happy Spirits in a day and keeps my smile fueled.

I cannot deny the reality that projects help in building my "Productivity Habit". It has always been that way. It becomes the light in every dark tunnel. It is like a Goal where the Journey itself is the Life being enjoyed every day.

It should not be underestimated because this can help start and boost energy into doing a lot of things at home.

Just remember that this is an opportunity of building anything that is for the benefit of being productive at home. An opportunity that is unlimited and infinite.

Below are some of My Starter & Ongoing Projects that I Enjoy doing at Home:

My Art and Craft "Project" at Home

...A Collection of My Personal Creatives and more...

The Mission of this Project is to Enhance My Creativity in Art and Craft at Home.

There is no better way to be Creative and Artistic but to start at Home.

Being Productive in My everyday life gives me meaning in my Goals and Skills Development. I believe that looking forward in life is a good thing and all the things that I would like to do and achieve can definitely start at home. So, since I have been into art since I was in my youth, I would like to continue putting life into it at home now even at the age of 50.

So, here is my Simple Art and Craft at Home...where all my creatives are being showcased.

A Journey Blog

I have decided that "The Blog-site" that I have started since January 2021 will concentrate more on the "Journey to My Productivity at Home". Since it all started with the posts that are all about my adventures and the experiences that I had since I started my online presence, I will then continue with this and I know that this will help along the way.

It will be a Journal of All the Things that I have experienced in my 50 years of life and posting them as needed. Stories of ups and downs in life and unrealized ideas. The challenges that I am putting myself into to keep Me Productive and How I share this on to My Family.

It is not just Me. It is Me at Home and this makes it more adventurous.

So, I will be having My New Blogs for the Year 2022. If there will be changes along the way, well, it will be for the best.

You may click on " The Blog-site " at the pages section and that will lead you to My Blog-site directly or click the image link below.

Daily Entries will soon be published in a unique way.

Happy Reading!

My Own YouTube Channel

This Channel of mine is "New". Honestly, It is New. My first videos will be uploaded soon, in this Year 2022.

My First-ever Intro Video that I made last year was, Well I know it needs work (my video editing, Entry all...) but, this is where the enjoyment begins. I like to see my improvements along the way that is why I am excited about it too. I am not really used to this kind of thing, speaking at a lense, because I am into actual Face to Face teaching and speaking engagement. I know it is easy for most of us to just face on a selfie-and talk then the first video is captured. Well, maybe I am like others who plan things out first and make it like I am really into it in a more Pro-Like or Pro-version as much as possible. I am comfortable that way.

As they have said, " What I can Do offline, I can do Online as well".

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see it in My Projects Sub-pages: "Own Channel"

"Mics & Move"

My Dance, Movement and Workout at Home

I am A Ballet Dancer, Variations Artist, Creative Dance Teacher, and a Dance Workout Workshop Expert & Motivator.

....and this is My Specialty!

...Along with My Hubby " Elvin" and our Kids, I Enjoy this Passion in Dance too.

The Mission of this Project is to Show, Share, and Teach those who wish to Learn & Enjoy the benefits of Body, Movement & Balance.

Coming Soon !

A Productivity Workshop

A Start of Something Nice at Home / Tutorials and Activities

The Mission of this project is to share with those who wish To Learn Creative Means on How to Achieve Productivity at Home.

Being an Artist, a Mom, and a Housewife, this is a challenging and exciting form of achieving things when at home.

For those who have not started, I have a program just for you.

For those who are already doing it and want to expand their horizons, well, this is also just right for you to join and explore more possibilities.

Coming Soon!

" In anything that I do, I need a Plan. I need to see where I am going with my projects. I have to weigh the situations of success and possibilities of achievements in such projects.

It is very evident that each step that I take is important to the goal and will bring me close to it every time I make an effort."

by: ana micaela "mics" babao

A Message:

I know that there are a lot of Learning Opportunities for you Online and it will give you a Fresh New Start.

Do not hesitate to Explore them and Know which one fits you best.

I on the other hand will also be providing Insights and Opportunities for those who wish to start as a Beginner in all these. I am talking about the Old School Beginning toward Exploring More Means to Expand Knowledge and Chances of Learning more...even toward the New Era.


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