My Art & Craft

Creating for my own use is a Fun Adventure

My Art and Craft "project" at Home

...A Collection of My Personal Creatives and more...

It helps to have an inspiration to where my works are being placed for display. It gives me that perception that all the things that I do is of Great Value.

Who could be the first to put Value in My Creations but ME!

And that goes the same with you all.

Here I have my works and finished projects being displayed for those who might be interested in My Art-Craft Works. But, firstly, I make them and I use them. What is the point by the way if I do not use what I created?

How did it all start?

Since I am into Art and Craft as my hobby since I was young then, I decided to put meaning into this. I thought that If I had that great Idea of selling and bartering my simple works in Art then when I was young, then maybe I can put Innovation into it and upgrade into a more "Creative" thing now.

Being at home is the foundation of everything that I am doing now. All the things that I am Creating and Enhancing are in the comfort of my home. Doing this project is exciting to me since I have seen on the web that a lot of people with the same interest as me in this line of hobby are pretty much enjoying what they do. Since It also gives me joy in creating and making my own things to use in my daily productivity, well, why not make this project work.

I am Inspired by Journal Making, Junk Journal Projects, DIY Projects, Creative Works, Stationary Making, Designing, Doodling, Crafting at Home, Drawing, Art and Media Art, Lettering, Paper Art, Home-making Art, .... and other things that are Home-made and Personally Made Projects. I never thought that at the young age of 8, I have been doing all these and sharing ideas of them to my classmates and friends. It was a hobby then.

Yes, I am always open to Learning. There are new ideas that are definitely fun to learn and try doing and I like that. It does not mean I have to copy what others are doing, I get "Inspiration" from them. The Basic foundation of the "How to..." is always a given, it is the "How will I Do it ... " that makes the difference.

There is no harm in learning, it is a basic way to get started. So, do not forget that Learning begins at Home and all else will follow.

Learn how to do the projects and then do it at home.

Just do not forget that "Creativity" is in all of us and that is Important.

So, here I am. Starting with the very basic in-home productivity, I make use of the things that are already at home and using the skills that are already in me too.

Just enjoying the moment of creating and making them, it is already a fulfillment to me.

My Mini Journal

It is nicer if I make my own mini journal instead of buying right away. It helps me develop my creative skills further while enjoying the things that I make at Home.