Mics & Move

Breaking the Momentum, Let's make it "Artistic & Creative ", Let's make it more Personalized. Now that is "Mics" & Move.

Living in the world of Ballet is a very fortunate part of my life. It became the foundation of everything for me Holistically. As my dance teacher always tells me, " Ballet is the Key to All Dances ".

At first, I was really thinking that Classical ballet itself is what she really meant for it. Well, it could be that as far as I was still young. But, as I grew with dance and experienced more variations in movements, I noticed that it was not that really.

All the while, what my teacher is teaching us is the Creative side of it. The foundation of Grace, Elegance, Posture, and a lot more is just the tip of the iceberg.

As I grew to know the different dances that I can enjoy learning and performing, I understood then what my teacher is making me realize. When I applied it, it was then that I felt all things can be possible in movement. Being the Key to all Dances could also mean in a wider and more Personal Perspective.

Now that I am in my 50s, I get to enjoy it on a more deeper and personal level because of its flexibility and adaptiveness to age, personality, and time. Creating a Personal Program for myself is a challenge.