I am ME.

My Everything.

I have been into Productivity all my life for the last 50 years. I have enjoyed the years in Ballet and other dances such as Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Modern dance, BALLROOM with my Husband, Hip-hop, Dance Fitness, Tribal Fusion, Oriental Ballet, Creative Dances, and more. At home, we do not have space for me to practice my dance because our house was so small. I go to a workshop studio every day because I was a scholar then. It was so expensive in terms of outfits, costumes, and travel expenses. When the opportunity came for a full scholarship in CCP Manila, there was no problem getting it but, the future of just performing and getting a small amount of income is not the future I want for me. Expenses were also higher than the return on profit if I will look at it reasonably. So I just took advantage of the things I can learn there. When the unforeseen event came in the political history of our country, all was stopped and then I came home.

In this world of dance, that was the time I met my husband and our lives circled on it since we enjoyed it a lot. Performing and Competing was our hobby. Both Fitness and Dance combined, we made a partnership for life as well. Our Kids also were exposed to it. We taught them all so that when they will need it someday, they have skills to use and explore.

But as time went by, our dream of having a studio to pursue our plans of having a school of dance just went "poof" when the pandemic struck. A long time waiting for such a dream was just gone. In terms of business, it will not give such a good ROI anymore. So, our home studio became a family studio now where we all have our recreationalactivities are placed. We sing, dance, do personal fitness, basketball, and more. It became the hub for our own family. Well, it served us well in a personal level, and not for business.

At my age, dance has its differences now. It becomes more of a personal gain purpose. The creative movement that helps me with my own personal fitness and health as well as the enjoyment of the art itself becomes more of a private thing for me.

I also had these chances of developing my Art of Speech Delivery in my Elementary years. Competing in Declamation and Oratorical Speeches, delivery of my Seminar Workshops on Stress Management and Self Balance, Seminars on Other Special Topics for Special Populations, Training Consultants and Sales Force for my Network Marketing Team, Sales and Negotiations for Insurance and Real State Selling and more.

The Art introduced to me when I was young was a little left as a hobby. It is only practiced when needed as an illustration for a certain project, poster or something that needs a sketch design. I use to create a bunch of stationary with envelop sets and sell them to my friends. Barter them for other stationaries like mine. Well, it was just halted for a reason that was not really valid, just because my mom got angry and was not in the mood from work. All of my collections were burned and gone. Frustration came into my mind that I will never draw and create such beautiful paper works and art again.

My mom tried to revive it because she saw I had the skill, but it did not work. The wound is too deep. I enjoyed a little sketching class and charcoal tutorial. Explored Still Life Drawing and it was fun. But, it did not last because the materials then were expensive if I pushed it forward. So, I got stuck on Doodles with different pen colors. It just became a hobby because I was afraid that for any reason again it will not push forward just like my music too which was halted because the piano was expensive.

This is the reason why, I chose to put more emphasis on my Art as my primary skill to explore now that I have the time and opportunity. I decided I will go far with it this time because I know that I can do it. I have the space and opportunities for both personal and business is great in Art.

The Communication Arts will become a supporting skill in the adventure that I will be exploring now with My Art.

In my Art, I will explore all that I like about Visual Arts itself. This time I will give myself that chance to achieve it.


Simply saying:

" I may not be perfect to you but, I am perfectly ME".

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