I am a mom of 7 kids and a Grandma to 1. I am now 50 years old and married an Artist like me, Elvin, for more than 30 years. I grew up exposed to Dance & Arts and so is my hubby. When we met, we enjoyed the world of dance.

I am into Ballet, Art, and Speech Delivery. Exploring more of it I came to the point that loving one thing over another is not a good option for me. So I made a choice to learn new things and enjoy them as well. Adding up new things in life is a choice I made.

In Dance, I got into Contemporary, Modern, Hip-hop, Jazz, Tap, Oriental Fusion, and Ballroom (with my husband as my partner). I love the Creative side of Dance because it opens doors toward Variation and Style.

In Art, I love Sketching and Still Life Drawing. I also realized that as a kid I have been into Doodling too, well, it was all into my notebooks and paper pads...then and now still.

Writing and Teaching ( Doing Workshops ) is one of my favorites. Speech Delivery and Talking in front of a crowd seem to give me a good boost in my spirits. Writing poems and short stories that give lessons are one thing I liked to do when I was still at school. Until now, I still enjoy the benefit of writing my thoughts down with style.

So, because of this, I came to the point of thinking, what If I will choose all of these skills and careers and leave nothing behind?

Well, they all said that this cannot be, since I will only have one and be that. If I will dance then I will be a dancer. If I will do art then I will be an artist. If I will do something ... I will have that label of being that.

Then Home Economics subject came into my life when I was in grades 4, 5, and 6. I love this because it is an "all in one" subject. All the things that I love to do are all explored here in this subject and I get to apply all of them. So, the idea of doing things at home is not bad after all. I can pretty much do all of them and more.

Now, what will be the label for that?

Doing all of it in one place, at home.

Call me with My name, Ana Micaela P. Babao. With my nicknames' ...tata/ana/mics... With all the things I love to do and learn at home, this is the best title I can have and it is all but unique to me because it is ME.

It is just like anybody else, we all have names, right?

Then why bother thinking of one thing over the other so that people can call you with a title from another title?

Doing what I want and learning more, find it very inspiring and motivating as well...that life is not about limits. It is about Exploration, Creativity, and more.

With the skills that I have, I am willing to share them all with you because I believe you also have that in your mind, WHY only one if I can have MORE? Learning can stimulate your Life to better heights.

I made a decision since I am at home, I can share and help others like me through the web. Being Productive at Home as an Artist, Mother, Wife and.... will ever be as exciting as I can just imagine.

So, here I am.

Let us not think it is too late because it is not. You can also learn to discover who you are and move forward toward Your Productivity.

Simple and Practical means anybody can start. Age does not matter. Levels of activities are understood.

Start Now!

For My Fresh Daily Inputs, I restructured My Twitter starting today, to provide Inspiring and Motivational Kicks for our day...see you there!