My Name is Ana Micaela P. Babao. My nicknames are "tata", "Ana", and "Mics". My students call me "Teacher Ana".

I am an Artist in Arts. In my three Skillsets, I explored them all depending on the need for my Profession as a Performer, Workshop Expert, and Teacher/Choreographer.

I Specialized in one of the 3 Skillsets and the other two are my Supporting Skills.

Having 3 Skillsets ( Art, Dance, and Com-Arts ) is an advantage to me. Then, My Ballet and Varied Dance Forms are being taught face-to-face and in studios. I go out and render my services in different places. My Art became an instrument for Costume Designing and Backdrop Creations for the stage. My Com-Arts is for my Workshops and Tutorials.

When I met my Husband Elvin I had the chance to explore other Dance Forms, especially in the Ballroom. Having this experience completed My Goals in Performing on Stage especially the fun in Competitions.

Building our Family expanded our horizons in the Fitness World and enjoying its fun events and experiences. But, there is still nothing like Making Dance as a form of a Workout for Me. Applying a more Personalized Technique to myself made my experience profound in dance in terms of getting Fit and Healthy at the same time.

Even in the times of the Inevitable Event that happened around the world, a great turn of events created a more distinct Purpose in everything that I do. Experiencing not just being Home-based in a form of business but really totally Home-based Holistically.

So, having a great reset in everything, I believe that careful consideration of my 3 Skillsets and the state of being Home-based opened new doors, and all of them are new to me. Shifting from being face-to-face in everything, I tried to learn to use the Web. Until now, I am having a fluctuating experience in being online and trying to find out how I may continue sharing what I have.

This time I thought that it would be better if I will prioritize ME first. For so long I have not given myself a chance to experience ME being My Own Client.

Funny but True.

So, I gave myself that opportunity right now to experience Art, Dance, and Com-Arts for My Personal needs and benefits. I remember the moment when I was still young and experienced the learning process of my skills. I enjoyed them all On A Personal Level. Then when they all became a career for me where I customize programs for others' needs, I lost my own enjoyment for my own contentment.

Being Personal about the things that were given to me by the Highest Power, beats nothing in this world. All that is given are gifts for me to enjoy. I believe that these are the Great Powers the Universe gives. Losing that Personal Connection for Personal Empowerment and Enhancement from the Skills that I have in Me created a different approach in Life. That connection should NEVER be Cut Loose.

So, it is not too late to Reconnect with me and with my personal being. At the age of 51, I enjoy it all step by step on a more Balanced and Personalized Level.

I may have missed my body's participation and my mind's activity and challenges for so long but, My Heart never missed that chance to Love it All because these Skillsets are a part of Me. Now I can expand my enjoyment of ARTS at home and try not to miss a thing this time.

Ana Micaela "mics" Babao

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