Easy Money: Online or Traditional Business? Which is Better? Start at Home!

Online Business or Traditional Business? 

Which do you Prefer?

Can you Start at Home with it?

    Traditional Business is like any other business that we usually find around us. 

    These are the Malls, Restaurants, Print shops, Beauty Salons, Bookstore, Merchandising Store, Food courts, Car Repair Shops, Services, Dance and Fitness Studios, Tourism and Beaches, Newspaper, Printing Press, and more. 

    These businesses are being built in physical locations and transacted in physical offices or stores. 

    People would go in these places to get services they need or buy something. 

    Transaction is mostly face-to-face or by Phone (Landline) and people to people relationship is being built first hand. 

    Transactions around the world are also possible through Phone Lines, Faxes and Mails. Physical Travel is also an exciting perk to the person authorized to transact on behalf of the company.

    How do the Traditional Business reach clients?


    There are also Advertisements in Newspapers and Magazines.

    Movies also bring it.

    Traditional Businesses CREATE EVENTS or BAZAARS. This is where products are shown and display in public through a showcase. Freebies and Fliers are being handed out to people. Sometimes Entertainments and Special Presence of Celebrities are there.

    Special Sponsors for the show and Membership Perks and Discount Cards are given out to  selected people or to all.

    A lot of things happen in the Traditional Business that makes this a very exciting adventure in the world of business. The best thing is, you can Start at Home and make it your Home-Base Business.

On the Other hand...

    In the Online Business, though Taxes are also a must, but transactions are usually or shall I say "It is ONLINE" really. People use the web and internet connection to make it work. 

    Platforms are available and Hosting for building own websites. 

    A Website is just like a business establishment that is just in the web. 

    It has an available store for you to build one on your own and payment methods that will make your transaction easy on the web. 

    It has a built-in Blog Area where the owner can have his own publishing about what the site is all about. It also has Profile and Product "pages" where all the "about the company" is introduced.

    There are also a lot of other platforms that one can have partnerships with or what is being famously called as "Being a Creator". These are comfortable partnerships with the owner of the platform as long as the guidelines are met and the "Content" being made by the Creator is a "Good Go" to the Readers  to the Advertisers esp. 

    There are a lot more in the web that is just ONLINE and VIRTUAL in a way. It is just the same as the Traditional Business that is in Physical Form. 

    Even in the web, one can have both the "Digital Assets" sold there and or "Physical" Assets as well. 

    *** Maybe vice versa if one is in traditional too***

     I remembered when we were teaching and choreograph certain group dances, we had some clients who just pay us to produce a video tutorial on certain projects. It is for the convenience on both sides since they need something portable and flexible with their time and yet be able to learn from it in their spare-time. 

    So, with this kind of arrangement, I think this is also considered a digital asset in a way then.

    Ads are the well known means of the earning online. If one has no Merchandise to Sell, then Ads is one way to have money. 

    Another is the most famous Affiliate Marketing. 

    Then there is this Sponsorship and Memberships in the website. 

    Perks and Freebies are also given out to subscribers and followers.

    A lot is also seen here ONLINE. Since this is more on a virtual approach, TECHNOLOGY is the first need in this kind of business. Knowledge in building this business in the web is pretty much similar in the Tradition but just in virtual form. Another Best thing is, you can Start at Home with this and make it a Home-based Business too, just like the traditional one.

    Now, the question is, Which is better NOWADAYS?

    But don't you think the question really is, 

    Which is Good for YOU? Something that Best Works for You, or Which is easier to begin with at first? ... At Home.

    It does not matter really which one, traditional or online or BOTH. It is just a matter of choosing which "FOCUS" is being chosen...at first.

    I say "Focus" because both Traditional and Online approach still cover both in their field of business and  the only thing that matters is where the focus is, where to begin. Where one can start developing his/her business and then just expand to the other field.

    One may begin traditionally and then expand or Start from online presence and set-up and then set-up the traditional along the way. Either or, you need both to be able to achieve both worlds in the marketing side.

    It is the availability of the resources that first is to consider. Which resources are now available to begin with an then go forward and the prepare the other things as well.

    The choice of which way to start depends also on the comfort of the owner to which where to begin the efforts and the set-up. One still needs to set-up the "PERMITS and BUSINESS NAMES" as you go, so there is what I mean by BOTH WORLDS.


Let us see some basics needs in preparation to the setting up of the business.

In Traditional Business: 

    * Business  Name.


    * Space or Location. 

    * Initial Capital ( Facilities and Physical Merchandise )

    * Workforce. 

    * The Product or Service Focus.

    * Advertising and Publicity.

    * Local Permits ( if already needed )

In Online Business: 

    * Domain Name/Business Name/Brand

    * "NICHE"

    * The Host for Your Website

    * The Product or Service Focus.

    * Initial Capital ( Internet Connection, PC or Gadget... )

    * Workforce or Partners ( Platform Partners/Affiliates... )

    * Advertising, Blogs and Social Medias...

    * Permits ( if already needed )

For the Business Adventurer himself: 

    * What is the Time and Effort availability ? 

    * The Knowledge and Research capability.

    * The Specialty or Niche.

    * The Goals and Foresight.

    * The Decision, Precision and Patience.

    So you see, there is no much difference after all. It is just a matter of choice.

     I suggest to do some research on the things that YOU WANT TO DO rater than what others are already doing. What fits you is still the best choice. This is a NO RUSH decision. The "Niche" or Specialty is the best guide you can ever have.


    It takes TIME, KNOWLEDGE and EFFORT, Your First Investment!


    Just Have fun in the adventure. It is imperative that one enjoys the adventure of not just building a business but to push everything forward in a proper way. 

    The adventure in the process itself. It is that tackling of the challenges and handling the responsibilities that is a "GO GO GO Spirit". 

    The flexibility of everything is also important because there will be dull moments and down time in the process and one needs manage those times and see how to organize routines that fit situations as these.

    Since this is an adventure, nothing is fixed. Everything has the tendency to be shaky. 

    It is the road to success that one must enjoy seeing. 

    Serve "THE PURPOSE" of building the business.  

    ( Do not get me wrong about this, this is a deep stuff I am saying about the purpose. A lot of us is seeing this the other way around. )


    Also remember, You Can Do Both too, and it is good. You just have to choose how and where to begin. 


                The Home is Still the Best Place to Start Anything. "

Thank you for reading this simple article about business at home. I hope I had helped you in my most simple way of explaining it. Please feel free to look into my other posts here in my blog-site " MIcs at Home ". I hope you will also click on my "FOLLOW " button and subscribe to my Newsletter too, which will have a Fresh New Start this month of July 2021.

*** Ana Micaela B. ***


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