Today is Tuesday and I am Excited. New Internet Connection at Home, It's Home Fibr !


I was really looking forward in this moment. A Stable Internet Connection. It is Fibr !


    It has been more than a week now that we have a Home Fibr Internet Connection at Home. I was really looking forward in this moment so that I can boost my projects online. Now it is here !

    It was on that Saturday morning that a man came up to the house and was just asking if we would like a Home Fibr Internet Connection. It's as easy as 1-2-3. No cash-out promotion and the speed is 100 MBPS. It is already unlimited and the installation charges are staggered for the next 3 years to pay.  There is a much lower speed being offered but we were eyeing for that greater deal which is 100 MBPS.

    It is a big advantage and I am happy with it.

    So, without any hesitation, we got the plan as planned. We were planning to have that when the right time comes to which we were not sure before because the cable connection is very expensive upfront.

    That following Sunday morning, we were online.

    So here we are, enjoying the speed and the unlimited benefits of the internet. One week has passed and adjustment from the old habit to the new that we already have this comfort at hand.

    So much that I can do now and I am very excited that it took me one whole week to review my journals and notes and prepare on the things that I am to do first.

    In my previous journals I was really having a hard time on studying the things that I needed to learn about new things that I need to know. Since last year, It was a big game changer. Home became the hub for a majority. A lot of things also changed in the web and updates came along. New trends and new skills are being introduced and a lot are trying to get into the web thing.

    This is why I am excited because I can now access the web conveniently. But, off course, I should mot forget that balance of life too. It does not mean that my life will be online already. Being online is an extension of being at home. It is a way of reaching out to millions of people around the world even when I am at home.

    So, I will be seeing you all often now than before.

    See ya.

    * ana micaela *


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