My Home Blog: When Everything Else is Flawless, It's got to be a Blessing.


    Back For GOOD, Back for More. Flawless ! It is a Blessing.

    When Circumstances just Flow in the Right Direction...

    In our New Home, we stayed here for more than 5 years now and It was a great adventure. From the making of the house and until the transfer. Improving the home while staying in it was really a fun memory to remember.

    It was a "GREEN" experience back then. 

    Why green?

    Well it was because there were no houses except us and our neighbor Nene. Slowly, improvements came about and there were moments where we were just frustrated because there is no internet in our place. We were just using our mobile for our web enjoyment. 

    We had a chance to ask for a quotation on how much it will cost us to have a DSL connection but, it was very expensive. Then we had additional neighbors and they applied in one of the networks available. Well, it was a dish type of internet. We did not like it because, we were targeting on having a Fibr Connection.

    Oh well, we just bought one Prepaid Modem. It was a good alternative but, not really what we needed. Dreaming of having a connection so that all of us here at home can go online anytime, there was no opportunity yet.

    Believing in the notion " Change comes from within then the rest will follow ", we already experienced this when we were yet dreaming of having a house of our own.

 Then we just did it again. Just not to forget that path and goals so that the flow will not be hindered much.

    Well here it is. Just days ago, an opportunity came for a very good package deal with one of the biggest telco in our place. It was so exciting because all that is good to have is being offered. Well, GOOD I say because all is GOOD. No cash out, all the latest modem and mesh for wifi is there. The speed is very much a good offer. It was more than what we expected but, we dreamed of it. So, maybe the flow is based on what we dream of having actually rather than what is just OK.

    It is Good.

    That is a Blessing.

    Now, there is no reason why I cannot do what I want to do on being online because ALL IS PROVIDED !

    It was Flawless I say. Just like how our house is being made and located. The land it is on is also a dream location and the set-up is also Perfect for everything that we want. 

    The lifestyle should be established. It should be the dream lifestyle...Home-based. 

    And, it is ! It has always been since it started with a decision to really go for it.

    I believe that everything is flawless if it is meant to be. It should also be on the right timing. It is always like that. You have to stick to it so it will manifest. Do not loose that vision. Do not go out of the path. Be flexible because you will receive the better deal. Even the Best most of the time and it is GREAT !

    So, let me leave you all with one Quote.

    " It is what you think that is, so do not loose that thought if that is what you Want and it is GOOD. "

    ***ana micaela***


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