Learning How to: Blog, Set up a Website, Sell Online, and Be Productive at Home is an Everyday Learning Process.


    Learning at Home. Blogging, Selling Online and Building a Website.

    For us Moms that are not really used to be online most of the time, unless it is Social Media, talking about really going into business or learning again, well, this is a hard thing. But, this should not be the case. The learning process should be smooth and transitional. Understanding that everyday is a learning day and it is all good.

    How do we Blog?

    A lot of us mommies staying at home do not find it easy to just blog. Posting new insights and opinions, journals and educational inputs can sometimes be hectic. It is by the way time consuming for most of us. 

    Being a mommy at home and finding time to go into some adventure online is quite a hard start. Sometimes when we think of it as a career so that we could earn money out of blogging or just even posting journals, we find it unreasonable. I admit, it takes a lot of investment.

    It took a lot from me when I started. I thought that it would just be easy as 1,2,3. Time is of the essence. Most of us just say, "I do not have the time".

    Well my dear, I certainly agree. Time is very important when one manages the home. It is not easy. Homemaking is a Full-time career. But, there is always that window of evolving everything. I cannot say I have already earned money in my blog because I don't yet. What I have earned in this is Knowledge. It is something that is priceless and I believe that I am on the right track toward my goals.

    I am not actually an online type of person. Social Media is not so fun for me actually. I would rather talk to that person face to face.

    But what struck me was my usual hobby of looking for pen pals before. I love to write letters to my newfound friends. We all found that hobby so personal that I can actually feel the person in front of me when I read the letters. Maybe because it is personally handwritten and all doodles and stickers were there.

    Then e-mail came into the scene. Much less on cost but not so personalized at that time. Even then, writing was just transferred into electronic email. But, because of writing letters and how written letters were done, everything was still personal.

    I found out then that I could make something out of it. Since the word Blog and Journal are linked to each other in a way. Writing letters are not that far too. If the kind of blog-site that I will get into will be just as personal as having new pen pals before, then I would love to write for those who I do not know yet but have time to read my posts.

    But, off course e-mail letters are still personalized in many ways. So, I will make a point where my email list and newsletters will be more personal than just a post.

    So you see, it is just a matter of how I arrange myself to the right perception of what is and what is available now. What I mean is the opportunity to evolve. I still have that happiness in what I am doing before , just doing it or transferring it in another platform or means of delivery.

    Learning does not stop there off course. The need to learn how to Set up a Website is also a part of it. Since we will be doing things at home, this is also another way of showing what one does.

    How to Setup a Website.

    Awhile ago we talked about blogging. Well, this could be a good start to just pick up the pace of doing things online. Websites are not that far from Blog-sites. It is Similar in most cases. So If you have not tried having a blog-site yet and want to go into having a website right away, well, I do not think it is a good idea unless you will not be setting it up personally and just hire somebody to do it for you.

    But what we are talking here is about doing it personally. Just do not forget to have your own Domain Name when you start a blog-site.

    There are great opportunities to learn how to do it especially when one takes time to just learn first. A good foundation to anything that is of Value is Knowledge.

    But, when the time comes that the need arises for setting up a website, you already know what to do and your investment will not go to waste. I say this  because setting up a website needs money in the long run and starting a blog-site can be FREE.

    I just invested less than a thousand peso for a Domain Name in this site and all else is FREE. Now, I am learning while experiencing the momentum of it. No rush, No pressure. There is time to adjust and stop to breathe.

    Well, what about selling online?

    When I see Blogging as a means of communication as well as learning how to manage a site just like home, I see selling as having a store at home. It is just like telling people what is being sold. Likewise, learning the online platform on posting, perks, payments, taxes and eCommerce is also a process. It is not just posting on Social Media and sell it to you neighbor, well, it starts there actually. It is a local means of selling just like having a store at home where people buy just as they pass by.

    See, Blog-sites are similar to Websites. Websites are like Home where everything is. Selling online or eCommerce is like having a store at home. It is not so complicated after all.

    Everything that we do at home can evolve. It can be extended online. One just have to learn the trade and the language used in the web. Learning comes easy when one has time to invest in it.

    Everything else is just like being Productive at Home. Remember, your life should not adjust to the online life that you wish to build. Before you start being online, make sure that the foundation at home is strong. What you are and do at home is already a good topic to extend online if you wish.

    Everyday is a Learning Day. Do not just blog, build a website or sell online if you are not ready at home. Your home is your first Website. Blog about it and sell what you sell at home. That's it. You will never go wrong in building this strong foundation. Learning is a step toward success. All the resources is in the web nowadays but, you will have to see if it fits your life.

    So you see, Learning How to do all these are all in the web. Many will give you insights and tutorials on how to build them step by step. Even the host or the platform itself have training and guidelines upfront. Just do not ignore them because they are a part of the process.

    I hope that this post is of value to you in a different perspective. I may not be detailing the technical things but, I have another angle that I know we all need to consider. This is something that I have learned along the way since I am really used to be doing things personally. I do tutorials and workshops in dance and art. Since the time has changed because of inevitable situations, It took time to digest a lot of things. 

    Yes, TIME is really friendly if you also are a friend to it. So, enjoy the Time you have in your life, with your family, at home and do not be afraid to take time to learn new things on how to evolve. Being productive at home is not just about money, it is that everything in your life.

***ana mIcaela ***




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