Blogging vs Posting, which is the right term to use when I am doing it as a career?

    BLOGGING or POSTING, which word to use and when.   

    I was wondering about a lot of things lately. It is a normal thing for me to ask myself a lot of questions during my "Time out" day. It is like a "Reflection time" or a "Recollection time". It helps me gain more knowledge and clarity in the things that I do. Stepping back a little when I am stressed is like a quick fix on relieving myself on the tension and relaxing my mind to re-focus, but this is deeper than that.

    In my previous posts regarding "Blog vs Post" and forgetting to look into the "Follower" button, I realized that I may have missed a lot of things and misconceptions may harm my learning in this endeavor in the long run.

    So I decided to look further.

    Now what I want to know is if it is proper to use the word "blogging" if I say, " I am blogging every day"?

    I always see this in posts and personal updates. I was wondering if it is "posting" instead of "blogging"

    Since the blog is a word that denotes the whole site where posts are being uploaded, then it cannot be "blogging" in a way. It should be, "posting" instead.

    Example: "I am blogging every day."

    Do you think it should be, "I am posting every day"?

    I am not concerned about the word "blogger" since it means the person itself who does have a blog site.

    So, if this is the case, then I should be posting my update as this: "I am posting content every Sunday" instead of "I am blogging every Sunday".

    There is also a thing about using the word blogging if that blogger is jumping from one blog site to another in his day of work online. Well, that could be an exception. So, if this is also the case, then maybe that person who is posting an update really means this type of message.

    Well, this is a good realization especially if I will be making posts and updates. 

    I will use the word "blogging" if I am jumping from one blog to another and working on my blogsites. It means I might have been arranging my posts or simply updating my pages and information in my profile.     

    I will use the word "posting" if I am posting my content on my blogsite, updating posts, and sharing my content or site to different social media.

    Honestly speaking, if I will be using the right word for the right message, that will be good for me. It helps to send the right message to the readers. Sometimes, it does not matter to most but, it does to me.

    So, using the right words for the right purpose is a good thing especially in good grammar. I may not be perfect in this but, I am surely learning along the way. I do not want to go forward in life and keep on doing things that I just see alongside, I want to make sure I will be doing the right things as well. What could be worse in this adventure is when I do not learn the basic things in "creating content". hahaha. I almost said the word "blogging" again.

    Well, now I know this, then from now on, I will post it right. I will not try to update my other posts if I used the words wrongfully. I updated only some especially when I realized the "blog vs post" previously. But, this time it will be history. Today is the mark of the new in this manner. It is good If I will not touch it so that there will be a mark of the day I realized it and then do the right thing after.

    This is just one of the lessons I have learned during the month of April 2021. I took a break for the whole month starting with the "Holy Week".




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