Beginner Blogger: I Need CLARITY. Stop, Wait, Reflect and then Restructure Plans.


    No Shame in Stopping for a while. I just needed CLARITY.

    In the past few weeks, I made a decision to just stay put for a while and see what will happen. A lot of things came into my mind since April 2021.

    It was just the right time to "Stop" for a moment. It was April Fools and by that 2nd of April, I turned 50 years old. Then that was also the "Holy Week" celebration at the same time. It was just right to step back.

    I needed to take time to wait for a while, to see where my "Blogging" would go. I needed to see If I posted the right "Niche" as the others are saying. A lot of opportunities came my way and just then, I thought I need to clear things up before going forward.

    "Clarity" is my word until today.

    Why "Clarity"?

    "Well, it would be useless to put more effort into something that has no clear path toward a goal".

    Before I started this project, I had clear goals. I needed to know then that I am going the right way. I do not care If I am a bit slow in it as long as I am just on the right path. I know that "Knowledge " is very important. It takes TIME to know things. Since being online is something new to me in this "Blogging" world, I need that knowledge and Time.

    I also waited to see if people would still come and visit my site. Reading my blogs even though I have not shared them. This is where I analyzed if my posts are in the search engines. I noticed that my blog site is doing OK. Fewer numbers when I am not sharing but, people visit and read. 

    Well, I also received changes in "Subscriptions" in Blogger. It is normal but I also needed to search on how to deal with the changes.

    I also noticed that my "FOLLOW" button was not there. This was the reason why I had none. I thought that If the people will subscribe, then they will automatically be my followers. Well, It was not. Hahahaha. 

    I had the time to "Reflect" on a lot of things. It is not only in the online or web world but especially in the REAL WORLD. What I have learned from other bloggers who experienced this in their life is really true. Being online is not "The LIfe" itself. It is just an "Extension" of what a person is in the Real World.

    I then Restructured all my plans and see where my old map is really going. Well, I noticed it is quite blurry. The idea is there but, it was not that clear then. So, when I started my rebooting stage, I had to be offline for a while, this is what the month of April meant to me. 

    "Live in the Real World and then Extend it on the web".

    I am referring to the connection of what I am doing right now on the web and if my real life is still untouchable. 

    A lot of people lose reality when they go on the web. The tendency is that they live in a Virtual World. Waking up in the morning with their cellphones upfront. No time for washing their faces or having a good coffee and breakfast with the family. From morning till night, all that seems to matter is just being online. Food is even in the "Order Online" method. Fixing the bedroom or even their personal hygiene is being jeopardized. 

    There is nothing wrong with enjoying the comforts and benefits online, just do not live there.

    Heavy huh. But, it is true. Life is in the Real World. Live it right. 

    Quite remarkable actually because I saw that I was just doing right. I am on the heartful path. Not so clear and aggressive online yet but just fine as a beginner blogger.

    SO, I sought more stability and clarity since then. I thought I would finish my moment at the end of April 2021. I never thought that I needed more time. So here I am, posting again and now, I noticed that "FEAR" is gone. 

    Fear of being on the web.

    FEAR of doing the wrong thing.

    Why did I have this?

    I see people who are doing things with just "Aggressiveness" in them. There is No Clarity and Knowledge. They have this "NO FEAR" attitude in them and yet they are not going elsewhere with what they are doing. They just think they are but, they are not.

    They have this "BLOCKED FORESIGHT". They have No Plan. Even if guidelines are being handed to them, they are BLIND.

    I am sad for them but, I cannot do anything about that, even if they could be those closest to my heart. I tried my best but, they just do not seem to hear me. I just have to move forward and do my thing. If I succeed in my goals, then that will be a "Big ROAR". 

    But still, goals for each person could be different. But here is what I know, everybody wants to earn online. That is the first. Fame is the blindspot in the journey.

    As to my fear of not going online for almost a month and a half, It is all good now. It did me good for that long span of time. It made me strong in Life. Better in Life itself. Got myself ready to extend this experience online.

    Now, I am proud to say that I am back online. Extending in the web what my life is in the real world. Happy to share with the world the things that keep me alive and happy. This could not be perfect architectural structures of houses and interiors. These could not be perfect food pictures and model-type images of me but, this is what life is. The real thing is cooler. Practicality and Simplicity steps in. 

    The "Productivity" word is a lot of things especially when we talk of "Being at Home". It is the life that all people want, whether they admit it or not.

    So here I am, just at the right place and the right time to continue living life as I and my family wanted. Share things to those who wish to accomplish theirs too. In the most practical and straightforward way, I wish I could be of real help.

    I know it is not easy to balance life but, it is still the key to live life.

    Be well Everyone. Live Life to the Fullest. 

    Just be Clear with everything so it is Satisfying.

***Ana Micaela***



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