Blogging without Followers for more than 3 months

      When I started a blog, I never thought that I would miss this. Well, it is not that I did not see it in the layout when I explored my theme. I saw it but I thought that that was not it.

     I thought that the subscriber button was just the same as the following. I thought that is the subscriber button is already there, as soon as the reader will subscribe, they will automatically be a follower.

     It was not until I had this newsletter thing. I was just curious about how everything goes when they subscribe.

     But you know what, it was not so clear until I received that my subscriber button will soon not function. I needed a newsletter to get email subscribers.

     So that is where it realized that the follower button is different from the subscriber button. That was why I did not have a single follower, hahaha.

     It was not only that, but it was also the fact that I have not used that follower button because I do not want readers to know I am new and I do not have followers yet.

     Well, here comes my follower button then and it is zero in number since I have not used it. How can anybody follow if there is no follower button...hahaha.

     Another honest mistake. 

    But, what is important is, I will activate it even if it is still "0". 

     Everybody likes it or not, Now, I will do it.

     I still have " 0".

     Who wants to follow, well just click the button ok. Thank you very much for following me.

    Well, I might be putting my Newsletter Java Script for the widget invitation soon.

Ana Micaela


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