Self Inflicted Pressure ( Part 3 ): My Journal #24


How about doing something about it...Study it like a Math Problem.

A Journal,

I never thought that " Pressure " is such a big thing to all of us. It circles our day every day. It is always there. It is always present. It is just waiting for us to hop on and take the ride.

But, there is always a rainbow on every rainy day. 

Knowing " What " Pressure is, it gives us that edge of handling things before it happens.

The " How " then comes in. 

* How do we detect that pressure is already lurking around? 

* How do we determine the signs?

* How do we prepare ourselves for it? How do we prevent it from happening? 

* How do we block it permanently with a force field?

Well, there you have the list of the " Hows " that we needed to think of. 

I believe that each one of us has different ways to handle the pressure. We have a unique way that best fits every one of us. Other things may work for some and other things may not. I cannot just say that... these are the things you need to do...

What I can do is only to share with you what I do. Maybe these things will do work with some of you or, best of all, maybe you can just have an idea how from the things I am to share.

It is not easy to tackle pressure because it comes unexpectedly. It is a part of the emotional process in every feeling we feel and when we cannot do something about it right away, it will take us toward a very long ride of depression and emotional stress.

As much as I would like to tell you everything right away, I will first make sure that you can detect it coming. 

Have you?

Over the last few hours, have you felt it?

Did you try to do something about it?

What did you feel when you felt " Pressure " getting into the scenario?

Well, maybe you should try to practice first. Try to detect it. 

You will have the whole weekend on it.

Try to think about the " What and How ". Make a list of what you might do. Just a draft. There is no wrong answer. These are all observations.

It would be fun if you get to handle the situation. I know because I did it.

So, be nice to yourself. I also hope that you will not tolerate it to overcome your day. 

I hope that this journal of mine can inspire you to notice things that you have not given any attention to before. It is important you know, it helps us lessen the burden of our emotional problems.

But, if you think it is way over that simple thing, you may ask for help. Your loved ones should be the best bet to ask for help. Do not be afraid to ask for support. 

I ask my husband for help if I cannot handle it anymore...but, of course, just ask for what you need and not for the whole thing. Our partners are also like us. They have their own to handle too.

So, make sure you will enjoy the process of knowing it and detecting it.

Have a nice day! 

Have a " Pressure " free weekend! 


Ana Micaela B.

" mics " 


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