Self Inflicted Pressure ( Part 2 ): My Journal #23


Complicating Things is Not Good!

A Journal,

     It is a common habit to all of us to complicate things. The worse of all is that we do not have any idea that we are doing it all in that way. Oh wait, that is not the worse thing yet, it is when we know it and yet we continue with it and just ignore it for a lot of stupid reasons.

     Yes, I know a lot of you right now are having dancing eyebrows. Haha, well, do not be is just a normal thing. We are here to solve the problem of "Pressure"

So why do I say it is Self Inflicted?

     I say it is because we ourselves are the ones responsible for all of these. We have that choice to choose which is right from wrong. We also have that knowledge if it will give us good results and do us good along the way. We are also responsible for looking for means to make things work. Analyzing if it is the best way to achieve that goal or not. Receiving any information or any situation can also be a big deal when we cannot see it from a good angle.

     So, you see, these are just a few of the things that we all have the power to do. And yet, not all of us accept the fact that we can do something about everything when we talk about US.

     I remember that time when I tried a very dangerous thing. Please, do not do this to yourself...haha, or shall I say...Stop doing this to yourself!

     I was just thinking of something that I want to do. Then, I talked to my husband about it. He reacted in a way that I did not like. So, I assumed that it is a big "No".

     So, I felt sad about it. I went to the dinner and then I sat down frowning. I then started to think of a lot of things regarding that thing my husband reacted to. I had many thoughts that actually I entertained in my mind without hesitation. These thoughts made me mad even more.

     Then after minutes of being on the hype of madness, I felt strange. My heart started to pump so fast and hard. My migraine started to get worse. My nerves in my eyes started twitching and I felt so cold and shivering with anger. I felt my blood rushing in my veins toward my head. My vision started to fail me.

     It was just for 20 minutes of increasing Pressure and Tension, entertaining stupid thoughts, that I thought is not.


I Stopped!

     I got myself into calming mode right away. I then went to work on my thoughts, The things that just pop up, I got rid of them right away. I spent another 15 minutes just to get myself calm and centered again. The balance was achieved.

     Then I realized that It was so tense. I will not allow myself to go into that situation. I knew then that everything is Self-inflicted. The Pressure that I allowed to overcome my calmness is not from another person but it was because I allowed it to affect me by all means it can.

     So, you see, it was dangerous on my part because I could have stopped it right away but I tried to entertain it just to go beyond my limits. I was just glad that I knew it would happen and I also was ready to stop anytime It will be in a red level.

     It was dangerous that is why I said a while ago, not to try it...But you see, a lot of us are allowing it to happen already. And I mean, allowing it every time it pops up.

     I am sharing this experience so that you will detect when you are beginning to have these manifestations in you. It is a sign for you to do something about it and not tolerate it.

    A very good technique is changing the angle of seeing things. It is called Perception.

     It is not easy for most of us especially those who do not accept the fact that Pressure is Self-inflicted

If one cannot see "What", one can never see "How" as well. 

     So since I have shared with you some manifestations that I have felt during that Pressure moment, you may now have that idea of detecting it and knowing "What" it is. 

     Then the next thing will then be knowing "How". It is How in many things and not just How to overcome it.

     In my next blog this Friday, I will share with you the "How" of many things. I will tell you the idea of it all, as to my experience.

     I have achieved mine in many ways and since every day is a new day, new things to tackle come my way. It will be an adventure to learn every day and balance it so that we can enjoy life to the fullest.

     So, I hope you will be able to detect the manifestations that would arise due to Pressure. 

     It helps to know. 

     See you around...


Ana Micaela B.



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