Self Inflicted Pressure ( Part 1 ): My Journal #22


Can you imagine this to be just 

" A Self Inflicted " Pressure?

A Journal,

" Pressure " is very much a big issue for most of us.

    A lot of us experience this every day. In fact, to a majority, it could be every minute of the day. I know that many factors are causing this to become a stressful experience in our life's historical timeline. name some...

    Family Obligations:

The moment one wakes up in the morning, cooking and cleaning are involved. Making sure that the kids do their household assignments and room cleaning. Family hygiene is checked. If kids are scheduled for school or home school, well, things should be ready and done early too.

    Financial Obligations:

    Due dates and Red calendar memos are really big factors as well. The pressure of seeing these marks in your calendar reminds us that we have things to do today to make sure we get them covered. Bills that are placed in the memo board or posted on the fridge for some of us. New mails and reminders on the phone can be a pressure too.

    Unexpected Things:

    Things that happen in your day that is not part of the plan are pretty much a nervous wreck sometimes. I know most of us are to plan our day, but some things just don't go accordingly. A lot of things also just "pop up".

    "Just did not Happen at All like I Expected it to":

    Well, it is also a great frustration when things just do not go as planned. I might say that this is also just similar to Unexpected Things but, we tend to really expect this and it did not happen at all.

    How does pressure go along our day?

    If experience this, I get sick. My nerves just cannot handle these situations. I get tired easily. I do not know what to do next most of the time. I get Pressured!

    But, that was then...

    I already took that liberty to learn how to handle this pressure that is just here with us every day. It took me years, Yes, years to learn it and apply it to myself. 

    I know it is not easy but, I do not want to age that fast just because of this.

    I love to share this with you all, I know that some of us already enjoy the benefits of handling this gracefully. I am glad for some who do.

    But, for those who are still struggling, I hope I can be of help. I may not be an expert in Psychology or be a Psychiatrist in some sort, but, I really do Love these subjects. It became a Part of My Life.

    I love reading about Life and Philosophy too. It helps me in a lot of ways.  


    This is why I want to share with you, my experiences and my battle in Life's Journey toward Balance and Happiness. 


Yes, it is. 

Because it helps in Achieving My Purpose of Living.

    So, just be patient. This will be an exciting week for you.

By the way, backing up...

How was your weekend? 

Have you started claiming your " Freedom "?

How was that weekend journey?

Please do not hesitate to communicate with me. 

I am here to stay.


Ana Micaela B. "mics"



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