My Journal #30: My last for the 30-Day Journals.


This could be My Last of the 30 Journals and My Big Accomplishment too.

A Journal,

    Ah, this is now my last of the 30-day journals that I have challenged myself since the day I started my blog.

    This all started with the title, " My DAily JOurnal ". I was thinking that if I challenge myself as early as I started to get serious in blogging, I will get the momentum right away. I thought that if I will just start as early as that, I will be able to get the number of views I wanted for my blogs. Especially for my blog site, I was thinking about really getting into that feel.

    But, it did not work that way. Yes, in a way I got frustrated about it because I was not able to really make it daily. It was not because I have a loss of words or things to share. It was because of unforeseen circumstances. Situations that I never thought could make such an impact in my blogging.

    It was an instance, for example when I got sick for a week. I needed to rest my eyes because it is not in a good condition to look at the screen. My eyes are heavy and feeling sandy on the inside. Tears were falling down when I get to just look a something. It was not a good idea to just push myself and just say, " it is sacrifice ". In a way, yes, It is a sacrifice for my health and not a good idea of sacrifice to my blogging if I still pushed myself to it then.

    Guilt feeling then started that I was not able to really blog because of it. I was feeling sad yet others call it " unmotivated ". Well, I got angry about that thought. Nobody told me that but, there was a post that did not quite understand how it reflected when I browsed for my articles. It was labeled as " Unmotivated ". I think it is unfair to just label my post that way when it is not true. Ye.s I said " I Quit ", but it was not the point. It was not really quitting from blogging. If one reads the whole journey in my journals, it was not quitting like I am unmotivated.

    Because of that, I deleted my account on that site and lay low for a while. I loved that site but I did not like how my shared post was labeled. They do not have that right, I say.

    So, I continued to improvise my means of publishing since that was the only problem I had. Then came the most famous..." Slow Internet Connection ". I was not able to blog right because of this. I was told that there is this feature here that I can blog and then just schedule the upload so I will not miss a day. I like that but, in the challenge I imposed on myself, it is not applicable. The challenge was supposed to be the raw content of my day. So, since that is the case, it cannot be applied in this case.

    So, it was kind of a challenge actually. But it did not last long either. Really, the internet was fluctuating and I have to do something about it.

    So I decided to shift the title to " My Journal ". I removed the commitment of making it daily since I cannot post it on the spot as I write it. But, I needed to do something about it too. So, I changed the title and then selected the days of publishing. I created the Blogs that I want to publish and then I just filed them. When the internet is going well, I upload it and then schedule it. 

    The feature of scheduling the publishing was not placed here for no reason anyway. It has to have a purpose where bloggers could definitely benefit from. And, this is it. I thank you for this feature really.

    I had fun then. It was a little awkward at first but, it is good.

    I even had this transition of doing my journal in a built-in app in my tab. Then I posted it as a Journal image. But, I was still fond of really getting into typing it on. 

    I am used to really writing things on paper and not tapping on my keyboard, but I got the feel and it is good.

    So far from that journey journal, I had more learning into it. Especially the sharing and time frame adjustments. It was really fun and I like the experience a lot.

    From my " First Blog " to this day, I am really getting that feel. Even if I am new in a way, well, truly saying, I am New. There is no doubt about it. 

    Now I see why it is very important to document a journey that is worth the keep. If it is a part of life, well, the lessons learned are really first hand.

    Now, I am on the journey of " In the Making " of a lot of things here at home. I have this workspace at home that my husband gave me. I am arranging my things and still making up my mind on my wall.

    At our family studio, which is also our Masters' Bedroom that is newly painted, I requested for new arrangement on the sound system and speakers. Well, it is now ready for my ballet and workout shoots.

    Pretty exciting. I like it.

    I hope you will continue to read my blogs. I have My Saturday Blog and My Sunday Post. I also have New Entries coming up. I will be busy this weekend on it but, YOU GUYS ARE ALL WORTH MY EFFORTS.    



        Make sure you check your emails.


Ana Micaela B.




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