My Journal #29

Journaling is fun to do. Challenges make them worthwhile. A challenge to help me think about blogging. #0-day challenge is soon to end.

I took the liberty to give it a title as My Journal #29 today.

A Journal,

    Today is my second to the last journal in my 30-day journal challenge. I never thought that it will soon end. I thought that it will take longer than I expected.

    The question here is, What is next?

    Well, I already made 2 new blogs and it is kinda fun. It is My Saturday Blog and My Sunday Post. They are all about writing and the life journey toward accomplishments. Writing in a sense like it is with blogging too.

    I am not sad that I am nearing the end of this journal count. Actually, I am also very excited because I will be accomplishing one road to my blogging path. It is one challenge that took me thinking really.

    I was really thinking about blogging in those days. Being at home I know is fun and there is no doubt about it. Blogging is another.

    I am into tutorials in my house. I do dance and art one on one with kids and ladies most of the time. It was all great until the worldwide happening happened. A lot of people really got lost in the battle. A lot lost their jobs. I lost clients. We as a family got into improvising things around.

    I never thought that it will really last this long. Until now I cannot do what I used to do. Pretty much, all things I mean.

    But, it is what they all have said that, when a door closes, a window opens. If I may, there are 2 doors in a house. One is the front door and the other is the back door. A lot of people pass by the back door. So, if one closes, the other one is available. And what is also fun to think is that, when graces come in the only door that is open, there is no way it will come out, hahaha.

    So, things just got better every day and I know that there is always something good out of all these. We just have to look for it.

    So, what is next?

    This is a statement that will help us keep going. We can think about a lot of things and p[possibilities that we can do. All of them are good, remember that.

    So, this is why I just said, I am not sad that My Journal will be ending because I know that there is another adventure that is better. It gets better and better every time.

    Let us celebrate that life can be a mystery sometimes. Well, they said, it is every time.

    I will be having so much more on all the things I want to do. New things that are a challenge to experience.

    This is life.

    Love it.

    Enjoy it.

    Do not bother crying if something ends. It means that it is already accomplished.


    See you soon in my #30.


Ana Micaela B.



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