My Journal #28

A Journal to start my Blogging. 30- day Challenge

My Challenge is almost done!

What Now?

A Journal,

     I have started a challenge to myself to blog for 30 days. I started with a Daily Blog. I called it " My Daily Journal ". I numbered it and now I am in my 28th.

     There was a time when I said " I Quit ". I never meant to literally quit but just to quit that daily input. I was facing challenges in those days and I even got sick. I stopped blogging for a week I think because I cannot stand looking at anything for some time.

     Then I said, I will just modify it then. So I did. I even tried to create a certain topic in a day to make it work. Sadly, it did not. When somebody told me to use the scheduling of posts, I don't think it is also propper since my title is a daily journal. It will not be " raw".

     Then I posted 3x a week. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I converted the daily to jus " A Journal ".I tried to create a post a day before it, just enough time for me to schedule it hours after I made it. And that is before I go to sleep.

     It was fine then. But, I missed the fun of going online and blogging. 

     So you see, Everything is not that perfect right away. It has to sink in first and then it flows.

     So, just this weekend, I launched my Saturday Blog and Sunday Post. They are my write-ups regarding the Art of Communication. It may touch the topic of writing, blogging, vlogging, illustrating, talking, and more.

     I also noticed that I have many means available to spread the message and I intend to be using them soon.

     Since I will be ending my 30-day challenge soon, I am thinking of maximizing my efforts to different streams of communication on the web and off.

     So, this week will be it. I will be turning 50 years old soon and I want this to work just fine. 

     So sad I have been feeling so afraid to explore the unknown to me. I just got so nervous every time I try. 

     But, here we go. No more fear. No more freezing feeling. I am going for it.

     So, I will be seeing you soon, oh my...


Ana Micaela B.



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