My First Newsletter " My Monday Edition " : My Journals #19


A Journal,

    My First Newsletter was Fun. I have more...

    I actually had the first issue last week. Only me and my family received the email. It was my test issue. It was fun really and I found out that it is very convenient.

    So, I decided to make my 2nd issue to be My Launching Issue to a few friends of mine. I already published it and released it this morning at around 2:00 am. I  know that this needs commitment as well.

    Newsletters are also the same as delivering a Personal Letter to a friend. It is also giving out information on the things that readers may find interesting. 

    I have mine on a weekly basis. I call it My Monday Edition.

    It kept me awake up to around 11:00 pm last night just to make sure that everything is there. 

* The things that readers might have missed from the past week 

* New things that are to come 

* Where they might find the links that are important 

...of course... a Personal Message from me at the first part of the newsletter.

    I am pretty much excited to produce the next by then. I see the things that need preparations this week. The articles that are also to be published and tutorials that are to be posted.

    Well, you see, this is the reason why I needed to modify things regarding My Daily Journals. Now I have more time to do other stuff that is also of Value. It is not easy to just make articles and publish them like just writing a diary. I prefer to make things worth the while. 

    I know as we go along in this Blogging Journey of mine that you will all see and witness the Beginning of It all and its Evolution.

    Adjustments and Modifications to Fit The Lifestyle that I have now is also a part of the journey.

    This is what I meant by having to start doing the things that I love and go on. The beginning is never there to be judged.  It is only a "benchmark" in this Online Adventure.


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    So, have a nice day... keep reading.


Ana Micaela B.


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