How to Start Blogging with a "Heart in It": Mics' Saturday Post


How to Start Blogging for Beginners. It is also a thought of making the Blog more of a Quality and of Value rather than of just words without a soul in it.

    They said that Blogging has many ways. I say it has only "One"

    I have read a lot of articles regarding blogging. I saw that there were a lot of ways to start a blog and how one can blog. 

    Others made it through a daily blog like a Diary. 

    Some make a Journal of Thoughts or Events that are in one's Life to share. 

    Others found the "Niche" that they are fond of blogging about. 

    Others are still looking for it.

    If to some blogging is Personal, to others it could mean Business. Blogging about their products and services they offer. 

    Blogging on Social Events and Travel Adventures.

    Some of them blog about how happy they are in their day

    Others blog about their problems and depressions in life

    I saw some that are "bragging" in their blogs, I don't know why. It looks like they are angry about something or someone.

    What makes it more successful is that blogs are promoted in social media to some. Others mention SEO. 

    Guest Blogging is one that I always read about. I think it is like having another blogger as a guest in your own blog. If I am not mistaken, it's just like having a guest in a TV show.

    Even the frequency of posting is pretty much a big question. I also have this question you know. Daily, 3 times or twice a week for some. Weekly is being suggested too. Well, I am not sure what they mean by publishing 1 in a month.

    Time was even an issue of publishing. Can you imagine publishing and getting it out on the web to the world to see even if the others are still asleep because of the different timelines. 

    I know a post can sometimes be short but others really have this long and lengthy entry. It is more of an Educational or Informative thing.

    Others really make Research on certain topics. 

    Some make Engaging blogs that make sure that readers would comment and ask questions. Well, this is not a bad thing because it is lengthy, it really depends on the blogger and the audience. It is good actually because it is a form of communication too.

    On my side, I go to the web or read a book to look for solutions to some problems. I want some questions to be answered. Information on certain topics and educational input to add to my knowledge.

    But, above all these, I also look for people who blog like they are just talking about something. It is like they are telling me a story that sometimes feels like I have a friend online who writes me a letter. 

    I love the feeling that somebody really is out there. But I also noticed that because some emails could be sent in my inbox like a letter to inform me of new blogs, it feels like it is not really for me. Even if my name is at the beginning of the letter like: "dear ana"...still feels empty. It felt as if it is still a generalized letter and only the name is changed. I am talking about my feelings when I get to read it.

    I thought that something is missing really. But others really have this personalized connection to the readers and it is great. I felt that.

    So, I think it is very important that in our blogs, there should be a "Heart" in them. It should have a warm and heartful effect on the readers.

    This is what I am looking for in a certain blog or book before I finish reading it. Even in an educational or informative blog, I found this element in some too. That is why I do not know what it was at first. I thought It will only apply to personal blogs but NO, it does also in other blogs.

    Why do I say this? 

    I just started a blog you know. But, I am a big reader myself and I always read blogs that matter to me. Even if I am still new in my blogging, I know it is not that easy to get my blog out to the open where it will stick to a person and make him want for more. 

    I also see now that there are many ways to really get into this thing like crazy. I am really crazy about this thing that I do not want to just stop because I am new here and I need to study it too.

    Just one thing, It should have a "Heart in it"

    It is not about that frequency that covers the situation. Because if it is, then there is a fixed answer in the publishing of blogs if it will be daily or once a month.

    It is never about a certain topic that really works for all and so this is what you will also do. 

    One blogger wrote about really seeing things your way. Blogging is Personal to the Blogger. No matter what topic it is, it has the blogger's touch in it. 

    If one only blogs for money, which is one primary goal of anyone who begins blogging, well for me it will not work. Blogging for money never works. It is very hard to do so.

    I read about something lately that was not even from a blog. It is from a book. It is about his thoughts and daily write-ups that make his day complete. I did not really care about his life you know but, why is it that others do. Some people even follow other people's paths. So, I tried reading it and there I saw what I was wandering about. 

    So you see, writing is like putting your whole self in words. It is a part of your expression that you wish others to feel. The words only convey and relate that feeling or thought that you wish to put out as a message to the reader. No matter what the topic is, there is this element of a "Heart in It". This is how it makes it personal in a way.

    So, it is really simple. Writing and Blogging look the same to me, it only has a different platform to where and how it will be posted and distributed to the readers. They can be bored in any single topic if that personal touch is not there, even in the most informative issue.

    I may not be an expert in blogging but I write my own. 

    I may not have earned in this blogging and online world yet but I am a reader of blogs and books. 

    I may not be a big star in earning as a blogger but, I know what I want and what I can give.

    Earning comes to those who want it. Just do the right thing that makes you happy and share that with a "Heart in It".

    They said that if the content a blogger makes is of Good Quality and Value, then that is the Key

    I believe so too. 

    Take a closer look at this: Because if it is of Value, it sure has to come from the Heart of the blogger. If it came from the heart, the blogger will not allow it to go to waste and find all possible means to reach the readers who might need it. They are called "target market/readers". These readers then find the means to keep in touch with the blogger and subscribe so that they too can be fed with wisdom from the blogger every time he posts.

    But, sometimes readers just go straight to the bloggers' email and send a personal mail. One that no other will read but the blogger only. A conversation will then begin. This is what we call a Personal Engagement and Connection to the readers.

    So you see, If you only look at the view from a distance, it is like an automatic flow of events that are not being staged or even planted or even planned to happen. It is just the flow or manifestation of events coming from a deed that is of value and quality because it has a "Heart in It".

    I have not tapped it yet in my blogging world. But, I tapped it in my workshops. When I do Stress Management Workshops in my field of Art, Dance and Movement, I make sure that I will establish that connection to my participants first. I will not start if I cannot connect. Then, I will take it from there and all else will follow.

    This is what I reflected on. I just have to find the means to do it in the world of the web. Since I cannot see my audience/readers and I do not know them, It became a challenge to me.

    Why did I compare it to my workshops?

    It is because of many things, but only one purpose. I Want to Touch Lives just as I did when I was doing my workshops or tutorials.


    Specifically speaking, a connection or personal touch is unique. Whatever topic one may tell a story on, it is from that person who tells. How it is told is surely and should be from " The Heart ". No matter who the readers are or in my case, who my workshop participants are, that touch is a must.

    So, find that soul in you. The soul that will keep you going no matter what. The soul that I am meaning to tell you is, "The Heart".

    When you blog, put your "Heart in It". If you want to Blog, look for it first. 

Have a Nice Day Everyone. 

* Ana Micaela B. *


 My Journal is now on its #27th. It's all about "Changing My Mind". I might be seeing things differently, but surely, it will be good.


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