Freedom ( Part 2 ): My Journal #21


       If it is not it, then what is it?

               How can I have it?

A Journal,

    Freedom is Enjoying Life itself. It is not by having but by being.


    It is the fulfillment in life's journey to where one person has all the comfort in his home with no need to go elsewhere.


    It is not by having all the things one wants and acquire them all and put them in the house that makes it so comfortable. It is not buying the most expensive things that when other people see them in your house they will say " you have a life ". It is not just putting in the set-up in a video and make things look good so that other people would say " you have a life ".

    I have nothing against the people who pose in their pictures and then smile for the camera because sometimes it means he or she is just happy at that moment. It could mean a lot of things when I see one. It is hard to distinguish them from the rest who were just happy to share their moments.

    I mean those who have that other intention actually.  They are those who are mostly not really happy with their lives but just put on a mask and set a view and imagine that moment to be that. I feel sad for them that they have no freedom from themselves.

    Freedom for me is not being acquired from another person or situation. It is never given to us by anyone. It does not have a very heavy requirement to have it. 

    We have that Freedom since we were born. We all do. With it is Creativity. I know a lot of people who value their Freedom and Creativity. They did not allow anybody to suppress such gifts.

    What is sad is, when other people notice these people who are enjoying their Freedom in Life is that, they actually name them as " Lazy ". They judge these people as if they do not work at all and just sit and relax all day.

    But, isn't it the idea? Everybody works hard to have a Life?

    Life is Free. One does not have to work for it because one already has it as a Gift.

    Even that " Freedom of Choice " between right from wrong is also ours.

    All we have to do is accept it as what it is. We do not have to go around the bush and justify it in a complicated way. All is but Simple in Life.

    I know it is really hard to believe that it is just as simple as that.

    For those who have seen it and ignored it, please, do not blind yourself from your Freedom and Life.

    For those who have not seen it, well, it is just inside you. It is waiting for you to lift it out of the open without Fear.

    Remember, Freedom is not selfish. It is never that Pride against others. It is not Complicated. It is not for others to take away from you. It does not jeopardize other people's freedom as well. It is never against The Laws of Nature.

    How about that. Knowing that each one of us has that inside us all along. Being Free to Enjoy Life.

    The question one might have is, What do we do about it? 

    How do we recognize it? 

    How do we lift it ours without Shame or Fear of what others may say about you?

    How can we still enjoy it at the age of 50 or so?

and more...

    Well, that is what I call, "The Challenge Worth Persuing ". 

    It may not be an easy process for some. 

    It may be just a snap of a finger to others. 

    For me, It requires a decision only I can make. A decision between Yes, I want it! or No, I do not!

    Without that knowledge that one is in that state of "not being free" yet, one cannot achieve it.

    One must know and accept it first before going forward with the process.

    Do not worry, you have time to do this if you allow yourself. You have the whole weekend.

    Maybe the next time we see each other here, you have already done your first step.

    Have a Nice Day. See you next week. 


Ana Micaela B.


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