Empty-minded: My Journal #25




A Journal,

Have you ever been in a state of being " Empty Minded "?

    I have many of those during the week. Sometimes it really annoys me when I cannot think of just anything. My mind just cannot produce any thought for the moment. I thought I am losing my mind then.

    I could not think of what to do during the day. I cannot even think of what to say to anybody. Finding a topic to start a conversation became so lame. Jumping into a situation and join the " talk mode " becomes hard.

But, you know what, there is a brighter side to this.

    Do you know that men in their brain, they have this idea of having an " Empty Box " in it?

    This is where they mostly go to unwind and relax. This is a place where there is nothing in it. Empty. This mode helps them relax and unwind. It releases stress and helps them get to Focus on the next challenge after that.

Men by nature are experts in " Focusing " on one task at a time.

    We women do not have that. Well, just to say the truth, we have this very busy brain. Everything is just working and busy. We can think of many things while doing many things at the same time. It has always been like that. There is no stopping. When it stops, all else breaks loose. This is why women are good at multitasking than men.

    This is the reason why sometimes women should try to enjoy being in an empty-minded state. Just to get a taste of how men do the releasing even for a moment.


I say this is good while drinking coffee in the morning. Maybe a good time can also be in the night time before sleeping.

Why don't you try it too.

    I do this all the time. If it just happens surprisingly, I just stop and breathe 20 counts. Exhale 20 counts more. Then I step back and take time to reboot.

    It is not a sin to give yourself time to be quiet for a while. It will do you well actually. Just do not forget to have that presence of mind.


Ana Micaela B.



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