Can I change My Mind?: My Journal #27


Can I actually "Change My Mind" if I do not like something?

A Journal,

    Recently I observed the things that are happening to me. The things that I like to do and what I used to like to do before. I thought that things change from time to time. Things do not go as planned sometimes and I can just get so frustrated about it. I also thought if this is what I was really hoping things could be.

    Sometimes we make mistakes in making decisions and when we are not aware of it, we will just swallow the situation because we are ashamed to change. It is never a perfect thing right away or shall I say, a perfect choice of plan. Most of the time, things go in a different direction before we reach the right path and then glide from there.

    Whatever it is, we are still OK for a change of mind. It is better to do so as early as possible. It helps us pivot our ways and gain the chance to start in the better path.

    Why do I say this? Am I taking about a really heavy topic?

    Well yeah, For me it is very important. Every decision that I make in my age should be of value. I cannot afford to just continue on certain things even if I know it is going in the wrong direction. I do not have to be afraid of what others may say about changing my mind because I want to make things right.I do not want to waste time. 

    Time is pretty much of an essence in the Universe. It is the most valuable asset on human can have. Time is Gold. Effort is priceless too. So why not change my mind if I see it fit.

    So, I will go for it. I will change my mind in a lot of things that I thought was the right direction or say procedure in reaching my goals right now. 

    Whatever topic it is, you also have that right to change your mind in some things. If that thing is of great value then go for it and change your mind and make it straight.

    I am pretty much of a hectic schedule right now because of such things. But, it is OK. I am happy that I learn a lot.

    I never stop learning on things even if I am going to be 50 years old soon. Everyday is a learning day to me. I never stop learning because Life never stops going forward.

    I hope you will also find strength in doing so if it is needed OK. Do not hesitate because in the end, it will be only you who will benefit from it.

Happy Adventures Every one.


Ana Micaela B.



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