Blogging when I am having a " Blue Day ": My Saturday Post


Feeling Blue today, but I need to post on my Blog.

    I am not in the mood to really do anything today. I am irate in something specific and then to things that randomly come my way. I cannot concentrate on anything and on any topic that I know I want to share that is of relevance in blogging. Along the way of being so frowny, my heart just beats a little bit harder and faster every time I sit and do just nothing to pace up my thoughts. 

    So, I just thought that if this would be the case, How will I go on blogging if times like these come by? 

    Well, here is a Post for you. 

    What could be the difference between feeling blue and being stressed? 

    Can I call this situation " Stress "? 

    Am I stressed in a way?


    " Knowledge is good. We have to know what we are feeling first. Only we have the power to do this ".

    Well, here we go. 

    " Feeling blue is quite different you know. It is the feeling of loneliness and sometimes just not in the mood of doing things and being with other people around ".

    It is not necessary that you are angry at someone or at something. 

    But maybe along the way when " Pressure " steps in from any situation in the day, then " Irritation " comes as a result.

    " Being stressed is a result of continuous irritation and stepping in of the hype of the emotion in the heart and in the thoughts ". 

    It is like a mutation of emotions that are the result of thoughts that are developed because of irritation that is brought by pressure in a situation that you are not in the mood for anything. 

    Long explanation, huh.

    Mind this too, you do not have to talk to anybody about it. You can tell them you are feeling blue but you are OK. 

    Do not ever talk your heart out because you will start spilling things that are not good for you. Then that would be alsoself-inflicted pressure " You will be complicating things that are not. 

    Entertaining that negative energy that tickles that situation of being blue is what that is. 

    It is better not to open your mouth if it is not necessary. Just keep it short if ever.

    Do not worry, observing and listening to the conversation is OK. But, if it irritates you in a way, then excuse yourself from that moment. Just tell them you need to do something before you forget it.

    So, If I am just blue today, I will make sure that any pressure that comes my way should be handled well. From that point, I will have to block that mutation of irritation and emotion toward stress.

    This is the reason why that doing something just from a random thought, is a good idea to divert that blue feeling. Then, the next thing just keeps coming. Before you know it, you have accomplished a lot even on a blue day.

    So, what I did a while ago was to sit and just freeze for a moment. I thought that I could sleep for a while. But, since the noise that is around me seems to irritate me, I will just find other things to do. 

    People around me also irritate me so, I just talked to myself. 

    I checked my art workspace and dusted it. I then finished the store set up and entertained a buyer for a while. 

    Then I thought it will also be a good idea to just open the computer and start blogging. So, it is all good. My thoughts just helped me in a way too. 

    As I am blogging right now, it seems like I still am in a blue, but it is OK. I know what to do. I just hope that there will be no " Big Bursts of Pressure " coming. I am just afraid that if I cannot handle it, I will just have to burst myself...hahaha.

    But, no. Now that I know that this will happen if ever, I will just have to keep busy and do things that will keep me happy. 

" Think Happy Thoughts "

    This strategy works, you know. I just hope that this will also work for you if ever you encounter people that are already irate in their day.

    Maybe, the best thing to do is to " Step Back " and not engage.

    So, I hope that when you have such a day like this in a week, I hope you can find these strategies of mine useful. I am not perfect but, it works for me. I know this will also work with some of you.

    Just make sure that you do not stop looking for good things to do during the day. Being " Empty-minded " is also different in a way. It is not the same OK. 

    So, if you feel something like this, just know if you are just feeling blue or empty-minded.

    Know if you already allowed pressure to step in or it has already mutated as stress in your day. There has a different way of handling it.

    Until now, I am still feeling blue. But, I am not really pressured I know. I am not also stressed in any way yet, hahaha.

    I hope you find this blog of substance to your situations and I also am glad that I am just feeling that way.

    Keep reading my blogs. These entries are helpful especially when you are at home. These situations are part of one's daily adventure in life. 

    We encounter these things whether we like them or not.

    Have a Nice Day!




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