Blogging for Beginners like Me: Mics' Sunday Post


An image of the clouds before heavy rain fell that day . Captured just outside our house.

Blogging is a Part of Life, just like Writing.

    It is a means of expression of one's opinion or perception in every single thing in the Universe. It is by means a way of communicating to the world and reach the many.

    If you are new to blogging, just like me, Please do not just blog for nothing. Make sure you will deliver very valuable content to the readers. It may take time to reach them but, it will.

    I may not be earning in my blog yet but, I am in the Life's Peak Performance of My Life. I have reached the point where I realized that I am already happy and contented in my life. I have all the things that I ever wanted. Everything that I have dreamed of is already with me. If I wanted more, I know what to do. This time, I am sharing my journey and lessons learned.

    I am not talking about money. To some, being successful in life is having so much money in the world. Well, my dear, this is not what I am implying. Maybe money really plays an important part in all of this, but, it comes when one needs it.

    I am talking about giving value to everything that you do. It is not just putting all the words on the web and then that's it, you will earn big bucks from it. 

    NO. It does not work that way. 

    Maybe you will begin to have the views and the subscribers count you aim for but somehow, there will be a limit in the journey somewhere in the middle of it. A lot of bloggers realized it already.

    These are all based on True Life situations. How you live life is how you put words into writing.

    Experience in life has always been the best education one can get. I am talking about going for the right thing. It is not just any experience but, the journey of achieving every little detail in one's goals.

    In the real world, all else is being tested by time. Challenges come and go. Knowledge is everything that one wishes to know about and it is provided by nature.

    It is imperative that one learns in life first before you can share anything of value with the world.

    Let me give you an example

    If a photographer seeks a perfect image to post on the web. Share the beauty of it with the people to see. They do not just take pictures anywhere about just anything. They also do not just use a piece of expensive equipment to say they are real photographers. 

    A real-time photographer knows how to use any gadget or equipment in hand. He knows how to capture the image with the right lighting and angle. The right distance will show the beauty and colors that reflect in a certain pose of nature.

    It does not stop there. 

    The posting of the image is also very vital. The description of the image is also important. The photographer then becomes a blogger or a writer. In writing a book, he then becomes an author of his book.

    Then it continues. 

    Publishing the content or the blog with the images he is trying to showcase. Then when it is ready, it is being introduced to the people. " Word of mouth " is one basic way since the beginning of time. 

    Since it will be displayed or shall I say, published on the web, not all who pass by that table or site are really that interested. But, people who are of the same liking and hobby as the writer or photographer is, well they will surely get one if they see it, Subscribe for more.

    These people are the ones who will truly appreciate it and can relate to it. They can see the " Heart in It " The message and the image will be felt. They will treasure it and this is the reason why the photographer takes time in seeking and capturing that single moment of life.

    Then he seeks more to share.

    So, if you wish to really go into blogging, do not be afraid to explore life every day. It is FREE and UNLIMITED. It is for us to experience and enjoy. This is why we share it with those who have not. Then and then, it becomes of value.

    In life, we are Bloggers/Writers of life itself AND OUR LIVES AS WELL. We are witnesses of Time. Value is of the Essence. Time spent is the most precious thing in the Universe.

                        Share this knowledge and you will gain more.

Happy Blogging.

* Ana Micaela Babao *



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