Blog vs Post: I am new in this I admit : My Sunday Post

Blog vs Post. It has been bothering me for days.

    Oh my, I was just wondering lately if there is a difference between a blog and a post. I was a little confused on this because I just had My Saturday Blog and My Sunday Post. I got into confusion because I noticed that I used " blog " and " post " in two different entries and yet they have the same purpose.

    There is no harm in really looking into things as to what they really are since I am New in this online thing. I am most happy if I get to learn them and apply them. 

    I searched and then I found out that people who use the " blog " and  " post " in the wrong way are being laughed at on the web, and that includes me

    They said that when they happen to read a post that uses these two words wrongfully, they would make fun of the blogger who posted them. The term they use is " amateur ".

    Well, I have no doubts about being an amateur myself in terminologies like these. But, in the post that I enter in my blog, It is My Life and I am Not an Amateur.

    I was a little sad when I read it. I really was upset. I am one of them who got confused or let us just say that we did not have that knowledge yet.

    So, instead of making my day a wreck, I just thought that maybe those people are in the industry for so long that they knew a lot already. I also thought that those who wrongfully used the words were new ones. 

    Honest mistake for us. 

    But, yes, others just do not care. They still go and use it in the wrong way. Maybe that laugh was meant for them.

    The thing that matters most is that If a new blogger has that initiative to look for answers and learn more about the web or If that person just goes and dives and just doesn't care for it.

    Well, I am not like that.

    Now I know what it meant so I changed my labels. As much as I would want to check on my other posts, It might take time but, I will. There is no harm done because, well, I am quite new in this I admit. But the message of my posts will still remain of Value.

    So, as I looked around and searched on it, A Blog is the whole site where posts are being placed. It is like a website for posts. A Post on the other hand is the entry itself. It is the many posts that a blogger makes for his or her blog site.

    So, If I were to relate it to what I am doing right now, This is a Sunday Post inside My Blog about Me Being at Home.

    See, I learn too. It is good.

    I just want to say that there are terminologies here on the web that are really new to me. I also noticed that there are also terms that are being used in the wrong manner and yet, others just do not mind.

    Please, I would like you to not see me as the same as them who just use any term that is mostly used even if it is wrong. I know that knowing the language of the web is not that easy especially for a person like me, I am self-taught.

    I learn too!

    But nevertheless, it is also our responsibility to make sure that we do the right things and use the right words as well.

    It is like grammar. If a word is used in a sentence wrongfully, then it becomes so awkward. If it has a wrong spelling, it is already wrong. If it is not in the proper place then the meaning of the sentence might not coincide with the message.

    So, even to new ones like me, we need to learn along the way and then correct the wrong so that we can go forward in the right manner.

    I really am a little off when I knew it but, It was an honest mistake. At least I get to correct it right away. I do not know if others have that same urge.

    Correcting myself is not the issue. It is also not " the wrong " that I just corrected. 

    It is the initiative to look for answers to questions that pop up. It is the finding of means to the truth and correcting oneself.

    So now that I know the difference between a " blog " and a " post ", there is another question that just popped. 

    If a post is for a blog, what is it for a vlog?

    Hmmm, another search I am going to look forward to.

    Thank you for reading " My Post ", hahaha. I did it right this time.

    I hope you find my post very relevant especially to " New Bloggers " like me.

    See ya!

 Ana Micaela B.





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