The Comfort of Blogging: My Daily Journal #18


    A Journal,

    I am blogging today about The Comfort that I Felt in Blogging.

    Freedom and Choice are the most Essential factors in My Life. If I cannot attain them in the things that I do, I will not push them. It will be A Waste of Time.

    This I can say that it is not because I Quit, or I am Not Motivated enough to continue but, It is because when I see it will not help me in a way, I will Change Something to make it worthy of my time and effort right away.

    You see, The Confort of Blogging that I am experiencing right now is that It is Flexible to what I Create. It is never other people's creation that I need to adjust myself to. 

    I am Free to Create Content and Articles on this Blog Site of mine as long as it does not violate any of the rules. It is very important that we ourselves will have guidelines to keep us on track and not be tempted to do the things that will harm others.

    What is also good in this is that I can create labels in this site and change them if it does not fit my category. Just like now.

    Since I am not able to finish My Journals as a 30 Day Daily Challenge, I am just going to continue with the flow that is best for me in this journal. So I changed the label from My Daily Journals to My Journals.

    Why is this so?

    Well, It will not be called a Daily since it was not daily in a sense too. I skipped days. But still, the purpose is served. Even though I did not make it daily and quit on the 30-day thing, I still developed this sense of working on a blog that will have more into it. It became a daily habit to write.

    I am also going to end the My Daily Journal title only. This blog will be the last with this title arrangement. 

    My Next will just be labeled as My Journals. Anyway, it will be easy to navigate on this site looking in the Archives and Labels list itself. Dates of Publishing are visible anyway. If it is a Journal, then it is in that label. Numbers will still be visible since this is also a part of the journal itself.

    I will be adding a default image just for My Journals starting with this one. This will give you an idea that this is a journal entry. I do not know yet if this will work, I just hope it will.

    By the way, I just created this challenge to jumpstart my habit of putting it on my To-Do List. I see no reason to continue that challenge anymore because I believe that moving on to a better setup needs immediate action. I do not want to linger on things that seem to " Not Work " for me.

    But you see, if this challenge does not work with me as daily as it can be, maybe it will work for you and that is good. So, I encourage you to continue if the challenge system really works well for you.

    For Me, I need to Modify and Go to the Next Big Thing.

    See how comforting it is for me here that I will not have a hard time blogging. I will then have more time to really see to it that I can Create More. I also have this benefit to change the settings here as well as the setup that I also imposed on myself. So it is great actually.

    I will not be gone, I will just change it a little bit to fit my lifestyle too since I am the one writing it. 

    By March 2021, A lot of things will be added. The frequency in Blogging will be stable. I will be publishing certain content. When I mean certain, I mean those things that I have been doing and enjoying at home. That includes all! 

    This journal is just all about The Beginning of My Blogging Adventure.

    The rest is to come.

    Newsletters that anybody wants to subscribe to will be available so that you will have that comfort in being notified through email even on a weekly basis. 

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    So, just be with me. This Journal will become the Witness of How Things started and developed as I go along. 

    Have a Nice Weekend Everyone.

    Ana Micaela B.






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