Stress Release Day or Weekend Vacation? : My Daily Journal #16


Just Choose

                 Stress is something that no one can handle. So, Stop before it gets you. Take a Day off or 2.

 A Journal,

    I say this because, for me, stress word will pop up in my mind if I cannot handle the reaction of my body and mind from a certain situation. It can be from a good thing through excitement or mostly a bad thing through depression.

    I know that if I will spend my 5 days in a busy state, I will need a rest. I will need time to reboot. Unwinding and Relaxing my thoughts.

    The question might then be, " Why not take a break during the day of a busy schedule?"

    Well, I do take a break. But you see, that is not enough to say that I have relaxed and rebooted already. Taking a break during a busy day is simply taking a breath. It is just a simple break.

    Taking a real-time out like what I have been saying earlier is more than just a break. It is really taking a weekend off.

    " But why a weekend off, why not just a Sunday off? "

    Well, a Sunday off is not enough because usually, it is " Family Day ". There is a certain " bonding " activity at home or going to church then a mall time or outside travel ( like before ). 

    But a Weekend off is really my best option. There is a big space to do all the relaxing and unwinding that the Family Time on a Sunday would sometimes be just flowing from a Saturday Relaxed mood.

    I Do my Stress Releasing on a Saturday so that on a Sunday I will have a relaxed mood to handle Family Day with a Smile. 

    I consider my Saturday as the Last Day of my Week...Rest Day! Sunday as my First Day of my Week... Family First! Both side by side with each other makes a Perfect Weekend Vacation.

    Well, it Works for Me. It stabilizes my stress level into an equilibrium state. It helps me balance my mood and gives me time to sit back or enjoy a ride with my hubby Elvin.

     You see, it is not magic that I found out what works for me and what does not. It is a process. We also have rough times, my husband and I, but we learned to handle ourselves and help each other not to reach that point of much as possible. Nobody is perfect you know, just wise enough to look for a solution to the root of the problem. Patience is the key. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Hold on and do not let go.

    So I say it is not just 1 Stress Release Day but 2. So for me, it is a Relaxing Weekend Time. A Weekend Vacation.


    How shall I call it then?


    Well, what matters is, I have these 2 days in a week that is My Day.


    How about you, if you permit...what would you want it to be? 

    How would you prefer it to be like, 1 or 2 days? 

    What day of the week will they be?

    How would you call it?

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    Oh, I am having so much fun now...I like this better, my new strategy of journaling. I am glad I am doing it daily this time.

    Happy talking to you all.

    See you.

    Ana Micaela B.


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