How Early Planning Works for Me : My Daily Journal #15


Recap/Planning: This is in preparation for next week's tasks list.

A Journal,

Just this morning as we were all having breakfast, my husband Elvin, openned a topic regarding being efficient in every thing that we all do. Being focused in anything needs work. It does not mean that if a work is done, it stops there. He also tackled on how time can be of value in every thing. So, he implimented on a certain deadline on one of our projects here at home that needed the focus and effort from each of us.

As a part of the force, I have my own task to accomplish too. My job is to make sure that all the things needed to be done will have its basic foundation rooted in it. I am in-charge of information and education.

So, I also had a meeting with my kids around 8:00 am this morning and began my task. It did well and we had this going on till now. Maybe they will get to finish it earlier than the deadline if they will do it right away.

After that I went to my own calendar and notes and checked on the things I will be doing today. I  listed down the things that I am planning for next week so that I can see an overview on what I will be accomplishing next.

I thought that if I will be doing some Recap and Planning once every week, it will help me in assessing my efforts more. It will also give me more ideas on my projects. 

The day that is best for me to do this would be today, Friday. 


Well, it is because this will be that last day of my week to do and accomplish my previous list. This is the time I will be looking at what I will be doing next week. 

Too early huh, 

But actually it is just right. I know what I can do and finish till the day ends on a Friday. More or less I will have an insight on the next.

This also gives me more time to check my list for next week since I will be having a Saturday then a Sunday.

Maybe you are asking on..." What about my Saturday and Sunday, can I not have something to accomplish on those days too? "

Well, yes I have. It is just NOT ON THE LIST of The Home Projects. I have a diferent schedule for the weekend.

The List I am doing on a Friday will mostly be Home Projects on my part. 

So you see, I keep a calendar with me. I have a Whole Year Diary where I calendar my notes...all of it including my weekends. I have my phone calendar for Home projects and support. I have a monitoring calendar, which I personally made, for my Memo Reminders...color coded.

It helps me in my planning and organizing. I am just talking about the things that involve me in it. If I am not involved in a certain task, I do not calendar it because it is not mine. I just know it.

So, if you think Recapping previous activities and Planning ahead can help you in organizing your day, do it too. Try to do it one step at a time. If you forget it or seem to have a lapse in doing it regularly, do not worry. It is normal. You will get used to the momentum of doing it weekly.

This system is not exclussive to those who just go to the office and work. This is also for us at home. It is our business as well to manage ourselves at home and make sure that we are productive in our day.

Do not hesitate because, this might be just what you need to get out of stress of having too many things in mind and tend to forget important things.

" Well, I do not want to forget a lot of things and not get a vacation from that at home. I do have a weekend to look forward to. "

So, I hope that this can help you today and the next.

See you and


Ana Micaela B.


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