Consistency is the Key to Blogging, don't you think? : My Daily Journal #14

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        Yes, I certainly agree, 

                    Consistency is the Key to Blogging.

A Journal,

    Since the day I started writing my blogs, and that would be years ago, I thought that I could really make it. I did not mean that I would make money from it right away but, what I mean is, I could write on the web and see my presence in it. 

    I just thought that it would be fun to write on things that I usually share with my friends when we talk, just like talking face to face and telling my stories about things that happened in the day or in any project that I am busy with.

    I did not know then that there is a difference between posts on social media and posts on a certain website that is usually free. I thought it is all the same.

    What I did not see is that I will be meeting new friends on the web. Even though I was not really blogging yet, Chat was there. These people are usually persons I do not know. They just happen to see my posts online. I never thought that I will be engaging with people from far places. True people.

    I remember one time when I stumbled into a very special person. She became my pen pal for a while and she really reached to me and wrote me a letter. I was so happy to receive a mail from her with her picture in it. After those times, we transferred our communication by sending e-mails instead of letters in the mailbox. Then she created a group and a site where I met other women too. I was not that active on the web before because gadgets are quite expensive at that time and the internet connection was just limited. I needed to go to the net cafe just to go online. 

    I missed the fun of seeing new people like me and making new friends online.

    Well, unfortunately, my friend died and I miss her so. I never knew she died that year because I was inactive for about a year. When I finally had the chance to be at home and the internet is already ok and accessible, I was back online. That was the time I saw in my e-mails that the other girls in that group were really trying to reach out to me because my friend was looking for me. I was heartbroken and tears went down my face. Even now that I am just telling this story, I still feel the loss. Then I mourned for her.

    Then I started blogging. I had a hard time coping with my blogs since I am not used to really talking about things online. That was the time I already knew what a blog is. I write diaries and journals on paper but not typing it...hahahah. 

    I was afraid to go forward because I am afraid that if I get to meet new people again and then not being consistent on being online, I might stumble into the same situation. I did not like it. I do not want it to happen, I really did not go forward. It became an occasional thing.

    I now know that If I decided to really go for it, I will meet new people. I will be engaging first with the blogs that I publish. Then things will just go on.

    So I did decide on going for it. I do not have to be afraid to do it again. Since I will be mostly at home, with all the gadgets handy and internet that is more flexible in its accessibility in these times, I will just have to push myself. There will be no reason this time that I cannot be online to publish a blog and check e-mails. Everything is just an arm away from me.

    So, I did. This is it. I pushed myself to really be consistent in this because I Want This. I motivate myself and modify things along the way so that I can find means to be consistent in what I am doing. Creating a system that will work for me and jive with the lifestyle that I want and now have.

    I am happy that I am now going forward. If before I really have no views and followers because I was not really into it, I am happy that I have viewers and readers now. I know that followers will just follow. I am studying the web and how it goes really and struggling a little on the momentum of being online. 

    But, I AM GOOD WITH IT. I just have to focus and enjoy it. NO FEAR THIS TIME.

    So, I believe that I do not have to fear. I need to be consistent in what I am doing right now. It is my responsibility just like being a mother. It is a commitment just like being a wife.



    It will become a part of my day but it should not swallow my life.

    Consistency is the key to Blogging I know, I can see people who see me. I like that. My presence can be seen when I publish my posts. They will see me when I share my stories. I will see them when they read my blogs as I publish. It proves that people do exist on the other side of the screen...hahaha.

    See you all again tomorrow.


    Ana Micaela B.


 Just a Q:

Do you think the TIME of when I will publish my blogs also matter?



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