My First Workspace of My Own : My Daily Journal # 12

Art Space

" I requested a workspace from my Hubby "

A Journal,

     I decided to ask for a Workspace here in our house so that I will have a place where I can do my art and craft. My husband told me I can use this space instead of just a room. Well, it is just perfect!

My Wall of Art:

     I thought it would be nice to have a wall where I can hang my works of art. I have Artworks before but I had no chance of really keeping them all. Now I would like to make new ones and hang them on my wall. Put some designs and more. I like that idea!

The Sun That Shines:

     The natural light that comes from two big windows is a plus in the area. I love the sun's light in the morning as well as the morning breeze. With my improvised else, I am excited to do my art soon.

The Table that Rocks:

     I have a long table that is portable where I can transfer it anywhere I want. Length of more or less 2 meters by one. 

Rolling Table:

     My husband bought me this rolling table when we just got transferred to our new house. It is now my Art Cabinet with Drawer. This is where I keep my art materials. Maybe soon I will be adding up another one. Maybe up on the wall.

My Project Materials Area:

     I have this area where I can place my project materials. Bigger things. But, maybe It is good if I could modify it so that it cannot be very dusty.

Work Keeper:

     Now, this is what I need. This is where I can keep my paper works and project keeps. Unframed Art Works need protection from dust. I am still planning of designing one.

     I can just be very busy thinking about how to recreate my Art and Craft Workspace. This is my first and I intend to design it myself. Designing and Complementing everything to make it all look good. 

     So Excited.

     I will be updating you on how this project goes.

     I need to think now about where to start...

     Have Nice Day.

     Ana Micaela B.


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