Keep Going, Do not Stop!:My Daily Journal #11

                            I Missed You All!

A Journal,

     I never thought that I would miss this all. The writing and sharing of my lessons learned in a day, the motivation I found and discovered in me that helped me, and simple things that mean a great deal in life.

     You know what, I decided to go back to this daily thing. What would be lost anyway? All else is good when my day is and I happen to help somebody out there who needs someone to talk to or something to read on that seems similar to their day.

     So, I made another modification in this Daily Journal of mine. I created a simple guide on how I will find my day's super-topic for you all. This is based on what I usually do and write in my diary. I read my old diaries and then these are what I came up with. 

     Every day there will be a certain way I will deliver my Journal. I will not tell you what they are but I know that eventually, you will notice it. This I hope will work this time. I find it exciting you know.

     It is funny, to quit and then go back. But, that is flexibility. I really am just looking for means in achieving my goals that fit my lifestyle and personality. I can do better when I am comfortable. Personal Touch.

     So, if ever you will encounter the same situation in your journey in life, do not just quit...MODIFY!

     I hope I have inspired some of you to go and continue to look for ways to achieve, create your own strategies, build your own system. Base it all on who you are too. 

     Have a Happy Love Month Everyone!

Ana Micaela B.


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