" I QUIT ! ": My Daily Journal #10


       A Journal,

     I Quit!

     What could possibly make me quit this?

     I thought that if I try to make this a challenge, I would make it. I was wrong.

     I know that the others just make it work when they have this "Daily" thing. Others make it work when they make it as a "30 Day Challenge". But, for me, it just would not work.

     Well, I cannot really do anything about it if I just cannot make it work, except to QUIT! 

     Maybe now you are thinking about, "Why not try it again?" or " Why what happened? "

     Well, I just needed rest for the whole week. My eyes needed to rest from being on screen most of the time. Then I started to be guilty of not blogging or publishing something fresh just because I got sick.

     I know that there are a lot of options in the settings. I know that I can set a schedule for publishing. But, then the point is, it will not be raw. Not daily in the same sequence of events or experiences. It still has to be daily and not in advance since it is a journal too.

     As I have said before, If things just won't fit the lifestyle that I am in now, I will ditch it. I will not compromise what I have now or who I am now. Anything that I will do should be complimenting to me. This is what I promised myself. 

     I always get into deep stress, which is not good for me, when I do not do this. Now that I have found out how to prevent stress, I am not willing to gamble again. Deep huh!

     Well, it is what is called "Daily" and "30 Day Challenge" itself that made me think of just quitting. It is not that when I Quit, I am a loser. No, No, No...

    " You only become a loser if you lose too much of yourself. " 
    " Never try again by any means at all. "

     So, I made modifications. 

     I can still call it my Daily Journal since I will be jotting down little achievements and moments of my journey in this adventure. It will be in writing with a pen and paper. I will not be uploading as daily as planned but, I will upload once a week. This will give me enough time for other things as well. No pressure.

     So you see, I quit the usual routine. I quit from the usual and modify it to suit my lifestyle. I hope this will work this time. 

     I am blogging now my 10th. So now I will label my next blog journal is quite different too.

     So, you see, I Quit from the usual. I created a new approach that will set me free from stress yet still accomplish my goal.

     This does not mean that I will not be here online. Yes, I will be, I will be doing more, you'll see.

     So, do not worry, I am still here...

     Stick around. 

     Ana Micaela B.


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