How to Blog when Internet is Slow : My Daily Journal # 17


A Journal,


    So frustrated that  I just cannot believe I cannot just publish it daily. Maybe I just have to concentrate on the articles that I am making for this Blog site.

    I am actually completing my blog on a very important article and more. 

    The daily blogs that I have been making are a part of the challenge that I am in. I committed to this to help me get the pacing in blogging and the habit of sharing thoughts that can inspire others that are also starting or just planning yet.

    My purpose is to also share what is TRUTH about the experience that I am in right now. I want people to know that blogging is fun and there is nothing wrong if for a moment you stop because of some reasons. It just needs a strategy that will work for you and not struggling to be like the others. I may end up so frustrated that I may have that reason to stop and never go on because I will be thinking that I cannot do what others are doing.

    Remember, you are new. I am new to this. I may have found a guide to help me keep up that pace but, blogging is really flexible in a way. It will adjust to your pacing. that is the good side of it. I can tailor it according to my lifestyle. Just have to follow the guidelines and tailor it to your comfort. Besides, it will be hard on me if I push too hard and I am still looking for that strategy that would fit me.

    My blogging daily will not be called a fresh daily update if it is not fresh. That is why I am thinking of just finishing my Daily Journal when I reach #30. It's just that there will be lapses due to the internet that is slowing down. Well, it would be OK I think.

    By then, I will have my Articles ready and other stuff as well. 

    I would rather have time to really make good stuff for my blog and other projects rather than discourage myself in blogging just because I cannot make it daily. 

    Anyway, It is just to challenge me. Just to help me keep up with the pace. It is also for the sake of rebooting my brain and helping me kickstart the day.

    So, just for starters, DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED when you cannot meet your deadlines while you are still starting. It is OK. Internet may be slow but, just look for means and adjust. Blogging is Flexible. It is never Harsh on your schedule. 

    So, Happy Blogging !

    Ana Micaela B.



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