This Daily Journal is a 30 Day Challenge for Me. ( My Daily Journal #6/January 20, 2021 )


A Journal, 

    This adventure is a 30-day challenge for me. I made the choice to challenge myself because I am not used to really updating things lately on a daily basis.

    Years ago I am used to really jotting down things that happened to me every single day. From the things that I usually do to the things that bring a frown to my face. Other days are just plans and things that I want to achieve. Mostly just doodles and sketches of the things that are just in my mind at the moment.

    I got tired of writing it in a notebook, I tried to create my own Journal Notebook. At that time, I never thought that creating a journal can be very profitable here on the web someday. I did not even know that what I was doodling, I just thought I was just doing little drawings. It was just until the time I saw it on the web that what I was doing at the back of my notebook since I was in the graders would be called doodle.

    It was so tiring that I decided to just have a notebook for the things that matter most. A Memo Notebook. It will just be for my plans and the lists of all the things I do not want to forget.

    I got tired of that too and I thought that, since there are apps right now in the android phones that can keep memos, I could just keep it there. At least it is now portable and I do not have to write it down on a piece of paper or notebook.

    I enjoyed it a lot but, these past few months, I noticed that I had no patience in writing anymore. I get tired easily in writing and I got frustrated. My hands get cramps when I try to write. 

    Well, I use to really have a good writing habit. A very nice penmanship stroke.

    So, I decided to write again and tried to really get into that habit of writing a journal every day. At first, it was really hard. But, I got over it in just 3 days. It was all good.

    I am on that habit and I am pleased about it.

    Now, I am into getting into the habit of going online about this. That habit that I used to really do before, I am now getting it back. This time, both. Writing and doing doodle journals as well as Blog Journals for my daily inputs.

    Typing it on my keyboard is also fun. I am fast in it and I like it. It is just that getting into the habit of doing it every day is what I want to have.

    This is the reason why I want to do this Daily Journal.

    So, see you tomorrow again and I hope you can find time to build a habit you want so much. Give yourself that challenge and see the improvement.

Ana Micaela B.




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