Our 30th Love Anniversary Today, Elvin and I : My Daily Journal #7

Elvin and Ana Love Day

My Hubby and I

A Journal,

    I was looking at my blog posts lately and I noticed maybe I can make little changes.

    Today is our 30th Love Anniversary, Elvin and I, and we did a lot of things in our lives together.

    Well, for the past few days I was absent from blogging time here because I was busy for a while. I got so tired of getting into the game while my body is having a hard time adjusting as well.

    We were all swamped preparing our dance number for my mother-in-law's birthday, January 23, 2021. She has this favorite band that she really liked a lot. So, as a gift to her, she saw us dance side by side with her favorite boy band. We got so excited and so tired after practice time that I get to sleep easily. We all did. But, it was fun and so worth it. She loved it.

    For almost 5 years I have not really danced like dancing really. Very busy in building our house and improving it. Undergoing a stage in my age that requires care and attention. So, since I got into a lot of adjustments, I was also expecting big changes. And I did. I experienced a really big break-in in my routine. It is not just the dancing and the moving but the habit of going on no matter what. Finishing things is a habit worth taking. 

    Well, today we had a shooting for the 2nd Video in my hubby's cooking at home. The first one just got uploaded. It was a lot of fun and I would like to share it. This is how we bond at home. 

    The fun part there is, we all get to do things at home and we also accepted the fact that there will be changes in our lives today. 

    We were used to really have the audience in front of us when we teach or do workshops. We go formal in how we do it. We teach to a lot of groups in different venues. But now, We see things as if we may not be able to go around like we used to but, we can go Universal even when at home.

    Fun too because we do not need to go to a venue to set-up things for the showcase, bring things and baggage with us then later just pack up and go home feeling so tired.

    Now it is different. We all stay home, set it up all in different corners, and then do it all just there. So as you can see, the link I just shared above is just at home. The birthday dance was also shot at home.

    Well, this is what I mean by Changes in our lives today. It is fun.

    As of today which is our Love Anniversary, My husband cooked Spaghetti with our girls Bisteng and Michelle... I love Spaghetti.

    That would be our next video upload soon.

Ana Micaela B.



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