How to Start your way at Home Starting with Household Chores first.


     Why this, why chores? 

    Well, anybody can start a blog of your dreams or work at home. Anybody can build a business at home or be an onlinepreneur if they want. But, the balance of being at home, doing chores, and managing the family while doing all the stuff I mentioned earlier...well, it can be a disaster if there is no equilibrium in it.

     Especially when talking of kids and their share of the pizza.🥺 They need to know that they are a part of it even at a young age. They should know that it is a part of the life they are in.

     Being at home can be uncomfortable for some people. They seem to think that it could be boring. With all the things that one can think of, household chores are the most common.

    I thought of it too when I was young and that is the reason why I do not like to stay at home most of the time. The wrong notion of having household chores maybe. It was a responsibility that any person should face It is true in a way because it is hard to look at your house to be so dirty and disarranged. It is also a chore, right from the term itself. It could be a minor task. A routine we mostly do every day. Unpleasant and burdensome impressions are not so far when we talk about them.

    Can you imagine us being kids and we already think about it that way? No wonder I keep going out of the house and play with my neighbor friends. It was that until my grandmother said that, If I want to play, let my friends come to our house instead. She will allow me to play after I do the " household chores " assigned to me. She will only allow me if it will be at home. That was the time I started cleaning my room. The room I never see so clean and just closed most of the time.

    It was not only that, you know, but I also started creating an event for me and my friends so that they will keep coming back and play with me. Snacks and juice are also organized, well I encouraged my friends to bring some to share while I provide all the props needed for the activity. 

    Well, I just could not imagine that I could do so much at home then just because I was grounded to go out and play. Bringing my friends at home and play is the best. I get to keep my things in place and not get lost the way they used to when they try to borrow. 

    Well, maybe that was it. The point there is, My grandmother shared the load of the chores at home with me. Some of them that I can handle. She made a deal with me and it also created a new socialization skill that I am fond of doing, Organizing an Activity. At a young age, I never thought of that of course until now.

    It made me think that cleaning my room is a way of presenting myself to my friends that I have a room and it is well arranged too. I was ashamed if ever they'd take a peek at my room, they would say it is not clean. Haha.

    The chores I did were just A Part of Me at Home. When my friends see me, they see my house. They also see me in it.

    In this lesson, I would say, doing household chores are a part of us. It is a part of what others can see in us since it is our house. The thought of it should be different in a way. Especially toward children. They should know that at home they can do anything and that the chores are a part of it too. This is what we do with our kids at home. It includes Everybody. We like it or not, we all will be doing these chores as long as we are living. 

    Now, I do not just talk about the kids and what they think about it. I talk about us adults. It should not be a burden to do some chores since we will be working on our own things anyway. They are in our house and the things we dust off are ours too. The home should be a place for the whole family. Share the chores with each member. Share the load. Give space for enjoyment and relaxation after the cleaning. Impose a thought that all can do anything at home as long as it will do you the good of course.

    Thinking of it that way will lighten the room. It will give more space to everything. Time is also of the essence. 

    This is just a straightforward thing to do and how to deal with it in the first place. Making it more complicated will ruin your day. Simply arrange things according to your liking. Let your children do the same in their own rooms so they will learn too. 

    Remember to keep it simple and not so time-consuming. A few hours of it in a day can make a big big difference in a week's time. Minor tasks can be handy when the big ones are established. Weekly on the things that need less monitoring in a day and so on.

     You know what, it is Planning and Imposing. Without planning, there will be nothing to impose. Imposing without planning can also be very tiring.

    So, just make it simple first. Anyway, this is just a warm-up of how to start your way at home starting with the household chores. Since this task will serve us most of our day right, this is what we tackled first. This will help us have an organized mind.

    Remember, keep it Simple and Direct first. Try it for a day or two, maybe for a week so you will see the difference.

    Good Luck!

Me and Our Youngest

Mama and Michelle



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